Alexa Bliss On Who Her Best Friend Is In WWE, Fiancee Buddy Murphy's Reaction To Her On Total Divas

Scott Fishman of TV Insider interviewed RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss regarding her joining the cast of the new season of Total Divas. Below are a couple of highlights:

Fiancee Buddy Murphy's response to her joining the cast of Total Divas:

"He goes along with it. He is like, 'whatever you want babe.'

Nia Jax:

"She is my best friend. We hang out together. We travel together. We started out on NXT together.

"The fact that she is there with me and going through the experience with me, it makes it that much better. It's awesome. Nia and I, besides the Bellas, are kind of the true best friends on the show. I think it brings this new dynamic. Even though the other girls are real tight-knit, we have each other. We have each other's back."

Bliss also discussed joining the cast and what fans can expect from the new season. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: TV Insider

Shane O'Sullivan contributed to this article.


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