Backstage News On Heat On Two WWE Superstars

In the past week Baron Corbin cashed in and lost his Money In The Bank contract, and then lost a basic match to John Cena at SummerSlam last night, which opened the show. Fans have picked up on Corbin likely having backstage heat and chanted "You f–ked up" when he appeared during the NXT Takeover Kickoff show this past Saturday night.

Dave Meltzer noted on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Corbin is definitely being punished, and the way he was booked in his match with Cena was indicative of his heat.

As noted, Meltzer reported over the weekend that WWE is very high on Bobby Roode, who is expected to join the main roster soon. Meltzer speculated that Roode may be brought to SmackDown and take Corbin's spot.

As for Enzo Amore's backstage heat, Meltzer reported that it has gotten even worse for some unknown reason. He said that "everybody" hates him, and the cooling crowd response to him is bad news because his reactions had been saving him.

JBL spoke publicly about Enzo's heat on Bring It To The Table a few weeks ago, and said that the "odds are completely against" Enzo making it in the company.

"Now here's what's bad about it. Most of those guys – except for Miz, Miz is the only one – never made it," JBL said. "Once the locker turned against these guys – they were sprayed with human repellent or whatever – they never made it. So the odds are completely against Enzo. Now I think he's very talented, I've had a good working relationship with him but apparently there's a lot of problems with him and the rest of the world."

You can check out the full episode of Wrestling Observer Radio by clicking here.

Kevin O'Neal contributed to this article.