Backstage News On WWE SummerSlam Main Event Finish

WWE is working diligently to keep the finish to the Fatal Four-Way Universal Championship Match at SummerSlam under wraps, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

According to the report, the word is that no one on the writing team, the production team or the participants except Brock Lesnar will be given the finish until the last minute. Brock Lesnar's contract reportedly gives him access to match finishes well in advance. Many are expected to be interested in what the international betting odds will reveal in the last day or two before the match.

Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman have been advocates of playing to real-life brutality in Lesnar's matches, like what happened during the first John Cena match at Extreme Rules in 2012 or last year at SummerSlam in the bout with Randy Orton. Remember after SummerSlam last year, members of the locker room were believed to be worked by the finish and Chris Jericho even confronted Lesnar over it. Unlike other members of the WWE roster, Lesnar is allowed to "hardy way" himself on purpose to add color, something universally banned for everyone else.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter can confirm that no matter the outcome or storyline that follows SummerSlam, both Lesnar and Heyman are with WWE through "at least" April 2018. As noted, Lesnar is booked for the No Mercy pay-per-view in September as well as live events after SummerSlam.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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