Baron Corbin Talks MITB Being "Terrifying", If He'll Cash-In Tonight, His Impressive Athletic Resume

SmackDown will be live from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio tonight (Tues. August 1, 2017) and will feature a dream match between 16 time World Champ John Cena and former New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star Shinsuke Nakamura. WWE Superstar and "Mr. Money In The Bank" Baron Corbin joined FOX 8 Cleveland this morning to promote tonight's show and talked about his journey through WWE, as well as winning the Money In The Bank Briefcase. Here are some highlights:

If he will cash in his briefcase tonight:

"If the opportunity is there, I might have to. If Jinder [Mahal] is laying on his back then I might run out and put it to work."

What it was like winning the briefcase:

"It was terrifying, because I'm on a 16 foot ladder and it's moving, and there are people trying to throw me off of it – and that's the thing too I thought, 'Oh it's a ladder, it'll be easy.' And even just kind of walking through things and climbing up the ladder I was like 'Wait, this is moving.' And then I'm gonna add five other people to being in the match, and I have to take both hands off the ladder to unclip it and I'm going, 'Please, just don't fall off, don't be here for five minutes trying to...' It's an experience, but I walked away with it (the briefcase)."

His briefcase being terrifying for whoever is WWE Champion:

"They always have to be on their toes. I can come out any time, anywhere, any city, any country, I mean anywhere I want to cash that in I can and it's not fun for them to always have to look over their shoulder."

Playing in the NFL before going to WWE:

"My resume was funny growing up. I was in the gym the other day and this kid was like, 'Who are you?' Tyler Breeze threw me right under the bus saying I was a professional wrestler. He was like googling me and said, 'Wait you played in the NFL? You were a Golden Gloves champion in boxing? You've lived a life!' I was like, 'Yeah man, everything I did tailored me to get where I am now.' Going through college football, the NFL, boxing, doing the Golden Gloves, all that has led me to walk around with a briefcase that's bright blue, hold a contract in it that allows me to make my debut at WrestleMania and be successful. All those things are in line for me and everything I've gone through in sports has made me successful in WWE."

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Source: FOX 8 Cleveland