Big Cass Speaks On WWE SummerSlam Plans, Wants To Be In Universal Title Match

Big Cass recently did an interview with "WWE Fan France" where he talked about his plans for SummerSlam after beating his former partner, Enzo Amore, at Great Balls of Fire.

"I don't have any current plans for SummerSlam," said Cass. "Anybody that wants to come step to me, I'm ready to face them at SummerSlam. I'm ready for anything at SummerSlam, man. Anybody wants to challenge me, if anybody gets in my way right, if anybody ticks me off, those are all possible options for people that I want to throw down with at SummerSlam. So right now I don't have any specific plans, I'm sure that I'll have some plans come my way in the few couple of weeks. I'm sure something is going to happen, someone, you know, step to me of sort."

Big Cass is currently locked into a feud with Big Show, which saw them face off on last night's episode of WWE RAW. Big Cass won via disqualification. The show faded with Cass down on the mat as Big Show helped Enzo Amore up.

Prior to this, Cass stated his ultimate goal at SummerSlam would be a match against Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship.

"I wish I could be in the Universal Championship match, whatever that may be at SummerSlam," revealed Cass. "If I can get into that match and try to take the title off The Beast, then that's something that I'm going to do and that's something I'm definitely wishful for but if that doesn't happen I'm sure something is going to come about. But if I had to my eye on a specific prize, something I would really hope I could do at SummerSlam, that's face The Beast at SummerSlam in my backyard in New York City in Brooklyn, New York."

We've included the interview with Big Cass embedded in the video above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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