Big Vito On Wearing A Dress In WWE And Having His Push Cut Short, Paul Heyman, Wrestlers' Attitudes

Big Vito spoke with Duke Loves Rasslin on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Paul Heyman helping him make the decision to Leave ECW for WCW:

"I said, 'Paul I got an offer from WCW, but I want to stay here I don't want to go.' He said, 'You've been wrestling a long time, this is your chance, ya know? You have my blessing, you gotta go!'"

Wearing a dress, getting over with the fans, and his WWE push being cut short:

"Stephanie and Vince asked me [to wear the dress] and I said 'okay,' and then the first time I smiled on TV, the people were behind me. And then I became a fan favorite, I went undefeated for four months. Then, when you make it in the business and you get a little chippy, because they really didn't expect you to get over so much. Remember when I was supposed to fight King Booker and I went undefeated for four months? Well, they put Undertaker in that spot. That's politics 101!"

The difference between young wrestlers today and in the past:

"If a veteran told you something you took it, you booked it, You learned it and you remembered it. Today, young wrestlers get advice and will say "Who the hell of you? You're a nobody, you never drew a dime." I know I never drew a dime, but you're only here for a cup of coffee, but you didn't even earn the cup yet!"

You can listen to the entire interview in the video below:


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