Braun Strowman On Listening To Rap, Jinder Mahal Says Nickelback Is One Of His Favorite Metal Bands

Robert Pasbini of Metal Injection attended a WWE 2k18 event over SummerSlam weekend intent on talking to the superstars about their favorite metal bands.

Seth Rollins said he's the most metal person in the entire WWE other than Chris Jericho, who's in the metal band Fozzy. His theme song with the new "Burn It Down" vocals is without a doubt the most hard-rock entrance music in the WWE. Rollins joked that when he retires he plans on joining a metal band. He then got serious and listed his favorite metal bands, which only the most hardcore metal fans would know.

"I love Misery Signals, Of Malice and the Magnum Heart is one of my favorite records of all time," he said. "Parkway Drive, the quintessential metalcore band of my era, I would say. Atlas is my favorite record by them so I could never really get enough of that. Any Metallica album. Pantera from the metal spectrum, really gets the job done."

Rollins also said he took his new girlfriend to a Parkway Drive concert for their first date. It was his first time in a mosh pit in over a decade. Here are some more highlights:

Bray Wyatt

"Easily my favorites are Pantera and Rage Against The Machine. Kind of a testament to what molded me as a child."

Dean Ambrose

"I grew up on Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Metallica. Deftones is probably my favorite band of all time."

Kurt Angle

"You're not gonna believe this, but I listen to Christian music."

Braun Strowman

"It depends on what kind of mood I'm in that day. A lot of Metallica stuff, a lot of Tool. When i do cardio I like to listen to rap because it helps me get through the cardio, because I hate cardio." He mentions that he hit his biggest deadlift of 1,055 pounds to a dubstep song, "First Of The Year" by Skrillex.

Alexa Bliss

"I'm still a sucker for my middle school phase like Panic! At THe Disco, Bowling For Soup, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Starset. And Aerosmith, I love Aerosmith."

Bobby Roode

"It's funny because my 'Glorious' song reminds me a lot of Queen. I grew up listening to them, my dad was a big Queen guy."

Jinder Mahal continued to play the ultimate heel, mentioning Nickleback as one of his favorite metal bands along with Metallica.


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