Breaking News: WWE Superstar's Boyfriend Found Dead At 26

Dallas "Big Country" McCarver, the boyfriend of RAW Superstar Dana Brooke, was found dead in his Florida home Monday evening after apparently choking on his food, according to TMZ.

Brooke told TMZ that 26-year-old- McCarver, who is a big star on the bodybuilding circuit, was found unconscious in his home on Monday evening by a friend shortly after they spoke on the phone. McCarver told Brooke that he was going to make dinner. His last words to her were, "I love you. Goodbye."

Brooke said that there are no signs of foul play, and it appears he died after choking on his food.

It was noted that McCarver had collapsed onstage at the 2017 Arnold Classic Australia this past March, but had appeared to be doing much better recently.

Brooke had posted the photo below with McCarver on her Instagram last night:

Source: TMZ

wrestling critic and Bandon Jones contributed to this article.


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