Dana Brooke Creates Nonprofit In Honor Of Late Boyfriend

Dana Brooke helped create a nonprofit organization, the Dallas McCarver Foundation, as seen in the video above. The nonprofit is named after her late boyfriend, who passed away on Monday at the age of 26.

Dana is creating the organization with REDCON1 CEO and good friend of Dallas, Aaron Singerman. The organization will raise money to help provide food, clothing, toiletries, books and school supplies to children in need. As of this writing, they have raised over $14,000 with hopes of raising $150,000.

In the video above on their official Go Fund Me, Dana discussed McCarver's generosity and love for children.

"Everytime he [McCarver] got a new pair of tennis shoes, he would donate one to children," Dana said. "From Dallas looking below on us, this is something that he would love - to give back to kids. From our side, we would love for you to do that as well."

You can help donate to the organization at Go Fund Me by clicking here.


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