Dana Brooke Remembers Late Boyfriend On Day Of His Funeral

Monday Night Raw star Dana Brooke has shown incredible grace in wake of the tragic passing of her boyfriend Dallas "Big Country" McCarver. On the day of his funeral, Brooke posted a heartfelt final goodbye on Instagram.

A well known bodybuilder, McCarver was found dead at the age of 26 in his home on Monday after apparently choking on his food. Brooke said she plans to start a nonprofit in his memory. She posted the following on Instagram:

My angel, today is the day I see you at ultimate peace rest and happiness!! It would be selfish of me to say u needed to stay we had a lifetime to live, but as I told you before -- if you love someone soo much u want the ultimate best for them!! And God called your name, it was your time, but I thank you so much for giving me the time I have had with you .. Making me the best person I will ever be!! Just promise me u will be next to me every step of the way! I am living my life for you and only you!! Guide me Dallas please !! #rip #angel #angelwings #mylife #dallasmccarver #togetherforever #todayistheday #riseabove


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