Daniel Bryan Gives Praise To Wrestler, Sasha Banks Zombie Entrance (Video), Linda McMahon Article

- Above is Sasha Banks doing her entrance as a zombie. Banks will be taking on Nia Jax this Monday with the winner going on to face WWE Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss, at SummerSlam, this Sunday.

- The Detroit Free Press spoke with Linda McMahon on her career move from WWE to heading up the Small Business Administration. On the main difference between to the two entities, McMahon said:

"They are two different things, running a company versus a government agency. When you have a public company, your responsibility is to the shareholders. With an agency, the responsibility is to the taxpayers. The American people are who we strive to please."

- On Twitter, a comment was made to Daniel Bryan that Zack Sabre Jr. may have surpassed Bryan as the best submission base wrestler of this generation. Bryan responded: "He may have passed me awhile ago... but don't tell him I said that."


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