Eddie Kingston Talks Past Steroid Use, How Much Weight He Lost Off Of Steroids, Current GFW Run

On episode 361 of The Art Of Wrestling, pro wrestler and podcaster Colt Cabana had a live (to tape) podcast at Chicago, Illinois' Bric-A-Brac Records And Collectables with guests Marty DeRosa, Eddie Kingston, Sarah Shockey, Bobby Fish, and Chuck Taylor. Notably, Kingston talked about his past steroid use as well as his current run with GFW.

Kingston, who Cabana introduced as 'New York's s–ttiest', said he dropped approximately 60 lbs. because he is not on steroids anymore. Moreover, Kingston divulged that he took steroids because he did not want to be embarrassed working in Japan.

"234 [lbs.]. Yeah, bro. You remember me at 290. Yeah, back in the day. Go to Japan, and before you go to Japan, get on the gas, and lose the weight. Like we don't know this, that guys [take performance enhancing drugs]? That's what it is, Subway sandwiches? That's what we're going to call the gas on that one, Subway sandwiches?" Kingston recalled, "every time I stuck the needle in my ass and did it, I just said, 'I got to go to the gym. Otherwise, it's a waste of money.' This was what, like 2011? And I was like, 'I don't want to embarrass myself in Japan,' so I just did it and that was it."

According to Kingston, he stopped using steroids because he smashed a relative's car with a baseball bat in a fit of what could be described as 'roid rage'.

"That was the only time I did it, was right before I went. The last day I was on it, I got into an actual fight with my cousin. No, no, I guess you could call it 'roid rage,' I don't know, but I'm an angry person anyways, but it was heightened and I was outside my cousin's house with a baseball bat and breaking in his car windows. And I was like, 'ahhh!' I did it anyway and I was like, 'maybe I shouldn't do this again.'"

Kingston claimed that he does not mind admitting his past drug abuse because there is no Wellness Policy on the indies. 'The Mad King' went on to say he can now tell by looking at someone whether he is on some kind of PED.

"I have no problem with being honest about it because there's no Wellness Policy on the indies. And I did it once, 2011, and whatever, big deal. But you can see guys nowadays and be like, 'oh yeah, that guy's on something.'"

With respect to his current run with GFW, Kingston shared that he is still under contract with The Owl, but he does not know when he will be used again. The former CZW World Heavyweight Champion explained that being on Impact Wrestling and even attending a WWE tryout have been validating experiences.

"It definitely is nice [to be on TV pro wrestling]. I'm still under contract there and [I] did an angle? I'm off TV right now. I don't know what's going on for the next one, but still under contract. And it is validating even having the WWE tryout because even doing the tryout, I was like, 'oh wow – wow, okay, I'm here. I guess I did do something right or knew someone right to get me in there.' And [Cabana] know[s] this, the only thing I can say about TV wrestling and independent wrestling, it's just a totally different world. And I'm not saying I like it. I'm not saying I don't like it. It's just something so different than independent wrestling."

In Kingston's estimation, the politicking that goes on backstage with televised pro wrestling promotions is very different from the indies. 'The Last Of A Dying Breed' admitted that he felt unprepared for that kind of "stuff".

"I felt unprepared for the behind-the-scenes stuff, the backstage stuff. [Cabana] know[s] what I'm talking about right off the bat. All the other stuff, the in-the-ring stuff is definitely different than the independents and that's fine because that's what I grew up on. We all grew up on TV wrestling. We didn't grow up right away on independent wrestling, so the in-the-ring stuff was pretty easy to get used to. It's just all the other stuff, but that's part of the business. It's not like I'm breaking some big news."

Also on this episode of AOW, Bobby Fish talks about his favorite YouPorn categories and Chuck Taylor suggests a "cool dad" gimmick for the NXT-bound Adam Cole. Step through the entryway into the minds, the souls, the hearts, and the lives of the people involved in the world of professional wrestling here. If you use any of the quotes that appear in this article, please credit The Art Of Wrestling with an H/T to WrestlingINC for the transcription.

Source: The Art Of Wrestling