Former WWE Champion Says Roman Reigns Is "Light Years" Ahead Of Kevin Owens

Sid Vicious sat down with Hannibal TV and didn't hold back his opinion on Kevin Owens.

Vicious seemed to have a problem with Owens' look, criticizing his weight and the fact that he wrestles while wearing a shirt. He likened Owens to a bunch of no-name superstars from his generation who weren't "money people," and he said Owens' status as one of the top superstars in the WWE must mean that business is bad.


"I see people like Kevin Owens and this [Shinsuke Nakamura] guy and these other people like this. I see that and I'm going, 'Business has got to be bad," Vicious said. "Or they're at a point where they don't care, that's the only thing I know."

Vicious praised Roman Reigns as being one of the better talents in the WWE, but in doing so he still managed to take a shot at Owens.

"I think he's one of the better talents they've got," Vicious said of Reigns. "He looks credible, he loos good, he's got a good energy. If we're gonna compare him to anybody, let's compare him to the fat guy in a t-shirt Kevin Owens. I think he's light-years ahead of that guy."

Vicious also doled out praise for current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, saying, "I think he's doing a good job." Vicious had wrestled against Mahal 10 years ago, but he has no memory of that match.


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Source: YouTube