Gail Kim On Upcoming Match And If It's Her Last (Video), After Impact (Video), Fans On Super X Cup

- Above is After Impact with Josh Mathews and Tyrus who recap tonight's events. In the main event it was Alberto El Patron, Sonjay Dutt, Matt Sydal losing to Lashley, Trevor Lee, and Low-Ki.

- GFW is asking fans who they think will win the Super X Cup Finals between Ishimori and Dezmond Xavier. As of this writing, Xavier is leading the 66 percent of the vote.

- GFW camera caught up with Gail Kim to ask about her upcoming title match against Sienna next week at Destination X. Kim said:

"I'm not thinking anything. I'm just going on instincts and I think that Sienna forgot who Gail Kim was. Let me just tell you, come Destination X, this is suppose to be the highlight for the X-Division? Oh, it's not gonna be. It's going to be the return of Gail Kim and the fall of Sienna."

On Twitter, a fan asked if this could potentially be Kim's last match (Kim announced last month that she would be retiring at the end of the year from in-ring action) and she simply responded, "It's not."


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