GFW Executive Is Interested In Signing Recently Released WWE Star

Former WWE superstar Jack Swagger could possibly be on his way to Global Force Wrestling after departing WWE earlier this year.

Dutch Mantell, who is now working as head of the GFW creative team, commented on Swagger during a conference call with the media last week. Below is what he said when In Ring Pop asked Mantell if we could see Swagger in GFW:

"I talk to Jack every couple of weeks. Since he left WWE, he has expressed some interest and we have some interest in him," said Mantell. "He was on the road for 10 years, and I think right now he is enjoying his time off. But, I am interested in bringing him in. I think he is a great in-ring talent and performer. Even better than that, he is a great guy to be around. I think you could possibly see him in GFW soon."

Mantell worked side-by-side Swagger during their time in WWE together as his manager Zeb Colter. The two had separate pairings together from 20132016. Colter left the company last year, while Swagger requested and was granted his release in March.

Dutch also commented on the new look GFW Titles to be presented at the next set of television tapings.

"We have combined the titles into one, it will be the GFW Global Heavyweight Title, The Knockout title will remain the same and the X Division Title will remain the same, everyone will be competing for one belt," said Dutch.

Francis Reyes contributed to this article.


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