Courtesy of Pop TV is the first five minutes of tonight's Impact in the video below...... The show opens with L.A.X at their clubhouse. Konnan reveals to his crew that he has gotten confirmation from their newest member, and that he will reveal himself later on tonight. LAX is scheduled to take on Alberto El Patron, his father and brother in tonight's main event. Konnan promises that their newest member will help introduce Impact to a level of violence that it has never seen before.... This is followed by a trailer for tonight's semi final Super X Cup match between Dezmond Xavier and Drago.


The winner of this match punches his ticket to compete in the Super X Cup Final at Destination X in two weeks. Xavier or Drago will go on to face the winner of the other semifinal match between ACH and Ishimori...... A feeling out process early on leads to both men running the ropes. Drago gets the early edge with a basement dropkick to Dezmond's ribs. Xavier regroups and heads outside the ring to recover. He returns and gets some momentum going in his favor by displaying his great athleticism. Drago battles back and takes Dezmond down with some heavy strikes. Moments later, the pace of the match really picks up and Xavier connects with a pretty standing rana. Xavier is finally able to string some moves together in succession. He sends Drago to the outside but the Lucha star quickly makes his way back into the ring and sends Dezmond to the outside floor with a leaping kick to the back of his head. Drago takes control of the match with a suicide dive right before the show's first commercial break..... The action is back inside the ring when the show returns. After a quick exchange of reversals, Both men knock each other down with simultaneous kicks. Both men get back to their feet slowly and begin to trade strikes. Drago wins this battle but his hesitation in following up costs him, as Xavier springs up and nails Drago with a diamond cutter. Moments later, Dezmond Xavier goes on an offensive flurry culminating in him connecting with a breathtaking over the top rope dive..... If there was 5 ropes instead of just 3, Xavier would have cleared them. That's the level of elevation he just displayed.... Xavier tries to put away Drago after this but is unable to. Drago still shows that he has some fight left in him and he connects with a vicious looking Hangmen's DDT from the top rope. Somehow Dezmond kicks out after the move. Drago goes in for the kill and connects with a leaping power bomb but Xavier kicks out. Drago connects with a big kick and Dezmond kicks out yet again. Drago hits his signature running flip DDT on Dezmond but Xavier kicks out again. A frustrated Drago attempts to finish off Dezmond on the apron but Xavier counters with a 619 using the ringpost. This leads to the finish as Xavier connects with a beautiful twisting corkscrew splash, which he calls the "Final Flash" to get the victory.

Dezmond Xavier defeats Drago by pinfall to advance to the Super X Cup Final at Destination X

Jeremy Borash makes his way to ringside from the broadcast table to interview the winner. Dezmond Xavier says that for him to beat someone of the caliber of Drago, means that he is destined to win The Super X Cup.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with EC3. He talks about his Impact Grand Championship opportunity against Moose later on tonight. Carter says that he is a hot commodity and that McKenzie can "feel it". Carter puts over Moose's talent but states that he doesn't have to just beat him tonight, that he has to also beat the 3 judges at ringside. EC3 calls out Bruce Prichard as being corrupt. He promises to not leave the decision up to the judges and predicts that he will beat Moose in one round. EC3 closes the promo by saying that he will become the Impact Grand Champion tonight because he is a Carter and this company needs him.

A preview video airs hyping Bobby Lashley's upcoming match with Matt Sydal at Destination X in two weeks from tonight. It will be a title shot versus title shot match.

McKenzie Mitchell is again shown backstage, this time she interviews Alberto El Patron, Dos Caras and El Hijo. McKenzie asks Alberto if he heard what Konnan said earlier tonight about a new LAX member joining them. Alberto says that he is not worried about Konnan because he is known for being a liar. Throughout the night, the commentators have been teasing that a member of The Patron family may join LAX. That plays here when Alberto questions his brother for being so friendly with Konnan and LAX in the past. Alberto's brother assures him that he shouldn't worry and says that Konnan is just trying to get into his head. Alberto acts even more paranoid and tells his brother that he doesn't believe and can't trust him. The conversation between Alberto and his brother gets heated and it prompts Karen Jarrett and Bruce Prichard to show up. Bruce tells Alberto and his family to calm down... When the "Patron" family walks away, Bruce tells Karen that he needs to talk to her privately.


Mumbai Cat #1 has supposedly made his way from India without his tag partner. Lee is still wearing the X division title he stole from current champ Sonjay Dutt. Bruce Prichard has once again banned Dutt from the arena tonight. Trevor wrestles once again with the title on. Trevor dominates the action early on. He sends Mumbai outside the ring and knocks him down. Lee jaw jacks with the ref, while this is happening. Mumbai Cat #2 shows up and pulls off the old Conquistador switch, as Mumbai #1 slides under the ring. Lee drags into the ring, what he thinks is an injured Cat. Mumbai #2 goes on an offensive flurry. "Mumbai 2" hits a familiar looking tornado DDT followed up by a high cross body splash from the top to win the match.

Mumbai Cat defeats Trevor Lee by pinfall

After the match, Mumbai #2 takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Sonjay Dutt. Bruce Prichard and GFW officials come out to escort Dutt away from the ring. Sonjay takes the mic and challenges Trevor Lee to a ladder match at Destination X for the X Division Championship. After Dutt's challenge, he is escorted away by security.

After the break, An ad airs for GFW's upcoming live events in the New York area this weekend.... It is followed by a video of Bobby Lashley doing MMA training with American Top Team.

Grado is shown backstage getting a pep talk from his advisor Joseph Park. Grado is promised by Park that he is going to get him married to Laurel Van Ness. Grado is told to focus on his match tonight. Park tries to give Grado words of wisdom that his grandma gave to him but he forgets what it was.

Eli Drake w/Chris Adonis vs. Eddie Edwards ends in a no-contest

Edwards is attacked backstage and injured by Kongo Kong during his in ring introduction... Laurel Van Ness is on the scene screaming. The show cuts to break after this... The announcers reset the show at ringside and then cue to the backstage area for more commotion. Laurel Van Ness is backstage screaming while Kongo Kong continues to throw a tantrum. Kongo Kong beats up on standby wrestler Richard Justice.(who debuted kind of last week)...

Moose (c) vs. Ethan Carter III

Judges: Scott D'Amore, Dutch Mantel & Bruce Prichard

Round One- Moose takes the fight to Carter early on. He roughs up EC3 in the opening minute of the round. Moose flings EC3 around the ring. Moose then beats down Carter in front of the judges table. EC3 sidesteps Moose and sends him crashing into the ring steps. Carter yells at Bruce Prichard after beating down Moose. He asks him to score that. With under a minute left in the round. EC3 stays in control for the remainder of the round.

Round One Scorecard- Judges 1 & 2 score the round 10-9 for EC3. Judge #3 has it 10-9 for Moose.

Round Two- EC3 maintains the upper hand in the opening minute round. He once again trash talks the judges at ringside. With 90 seconds left in the round, Moose begins to rally but Carter cuts him down with an exploder suplex. EC3 gets cocky and starts slapping Moose with under a minute left. Moose battles back with a stiff headbutt. He goes on an offensive flurry at the end of the round by hitting a spectacular looking hesitation drop kick. The momentum is on his side as he sets up for his game changer finisher but time runs out in the round.

Round Two Scorecard- Judges 1 & 3 score the round 10-9 for Moose. Judge 2 once again favors EC3 10-9

Round Three- Evenly contested round with both men coming close to finishing off the other. Moose kicks out of EC3's 1 percenter. Moose hits a leaping choke slam as time expires.

Round Three Scorecard- A split decision as Dutch Mantel and Scott D'Amore score the round 10-10. Bruce Prichard scores the round a surprising 10-8.

Ethan Carter III defeats Moose by decision to become The New Impact Grand Champion

A vignette airs for the tag team o.V.e, who are set to arrive to GFW at Destination X.

Bruce Prichard is interviewed backstage about the controversial split decision victory by EC3 over Moose. Prichard says that he doesn't know what match Mantel and Scott were watching. It was clear to Bruce that EC3 won that final round decisively. Bruce also comments on why he has banned Sonjay Dutt away from The Impact Zone. Prichard says that he does what it's in the best interests of the company.... Dutch Mantel is approached backstage and comments on the split decision controversy. Mantel is not sure why Bruce scored that last round so strongly for Carter. Mantel is unsure of Prichard's motives. He says that Bruce wasn't even at the companies last pay per view. Mantel jokes that he probably should have a bought one of Bruce's shirts from his podcast, and that maybe then he would have been able to get into contact with him.

Six Man Tag Team Match
KM, Mario Bokara & Fallah Baah vs. Grado, Suicide & Braxton Sutter

Some of the usual comedy antics by Grado early on. Evenly contested six man for the most part. The finishing sequence sees all six men go at it. Grado picks up the fluke victory with a roll up pin on KM.

Grado, Suicide & Braxton Sutter defeat KM, Mario Bokara & Fallah Baah

After the match, Grado takes the mic and wants another chance to propose to Laurel Van Ness. Laurel arrives with Joseph Park holding her hand. Just when Laurel is asked the big question and is ready to asnwer, Kongo Kong makes his way down to ringside and goes after Grado. Kongo beats down Grado. Allie encourages Braxton to come into the ring to help Grado but he refuses and walks off. Kong looks to leap off the top rope onto Grado. Laurel tries to stop him and Park reaches into the ring and pulls Grado out of harms way.

LAX is interviewed backstage about their main event match with Alberto and his family. Konnan takes a crack at McKenzie Mitchell and calls her "Random White Girl #5"... Konnan promises revenge on Alberto for going back on his word. He says that Alberto can't even trust his own family and that a new era of violence is going to begin tonight.

Braxton Sutter is questioned backstage about his decision to bail on Grado. Sutter says that things are fine because his team won and that Grado can fend for himself. Allie takes issue with this and argues with Braxton.

The broadcast team resets the show and hypes the main event when EC3 shows up in jeans with his newly won Grand Championship. Carter stands on top of the broadcast table. Carter talks about partying and then cuts a comedic promo about getting into a new love relationship with his newly won title. EC3 tells the title that he loves it and the fans chant for him to kiss it. Carter obliges and kisses the title and asks it if they want to get out of here.

Alberto El Patron, Dos Caras & El Hijo Del Dos Caras vs. L.A.X (Homicide, Ortiz & Santana) w/Konnan & Diamante

Both El Hijo and Dos Caras have a good showing early on. They control the action up until the break. Alberto takes leadership after the break but LAX turns things back in their favor. Alberto gets isolated and beat down in LAX's corner for the next few minutes. El Patron eventually rallies and tags in his brother. El Hijo goes on an offensive flurry and even borrows his brother's Si chant..... El Hijo's momentum doesn't last very long and LAX takes control of him in their corner. Eventually, El Hijo rallies and tags in his brother Alberto. El Patron comes into the ring on fire and hits a series of backbreakers and a back stabber on LAX's Santana. Meanwhile Alberto's family starts brawling with LAX on the outside. Alberto attempts to finish off Santana on the inside. Alberto hits his signature double foot stomp on him. He then kicks Homicide off of the apron. Ortiz goes after El Patron but in the melee, the referee is knocked down. Alberto applies the cross arm breaker on Ortiz but there is no referee. Alberto's brother comes into the ring with a steel chair and it's teased that he may be joining LAX. El Hijo instead uses the chair on LAX's Homicide. He brawls to the outside with him but Konnan gets involved and helps knock El Hijo down. Alberto gets Santana in the cross arm breaker but Low-Ki appears. He leaps off the top rope with the warriors way onto Alberto. Low-Ki is wearing his signature suit with The LAX logo on the back of it. The ref is revived and he counts Santana's pinfall of Alberto.

LAX defeats The Patron Family

After the match, Alberto rolls to the outside and appears to be bleeding from his mouth. The show ends with LAX posing with their newest member Low-Ki. Santana and Ortiz hoist up their unified tag titles while Low-Ki hoists up Alberto's two unified titles.