Impact begins with a brawl outside the building between L.A.X and V.O.W.... Mayweather and Wilcox brawl with Santana and Ortiz while Konnan, Diamante and Homicide look on. The two teams are scheduled to face each other in a Street Fight later on for The Unified Tag Team Championships. Konnan drags the tag champs away from the Veterans of War.

This is followed by a well done slow motion video recap of Sienna's victory over Rosemary two weeks ago in a Last Knockouts Standing match. The current Unified Knockouts Champion Sienna narrates the video. She closes the video by saying that the hero always dies and falls.

After the opening Impact intro airs, The Knockouts Champion Sienna is shown sitting in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. Her two titles are draped over the ring ropes. Sienna tells the audience that they are looking at the epitome of a true champion. Sienna says that she has taken on every obstacle that Karen Jarrett has thrown her way. She then takes issue with Karen scheduling her to defend the Knockouts title against a mystery opponent next week at Destination X. Sienna then announces that she is staging an in-ring protest until Karen comes out and reveals her opponent. Karen Jarrett arrives on the scene and tells Sienna that she has never liked her.

* The opening five minutes of Impact can be seen in the video below:

Karen Jarrett tells Sienna that she is the type of woman that every woman hates. Josh Mathews gets in a good dig by saying that Karen should look in the mirror....
Karen Jarrett reveals Sienna's Destination X opponent to be Gail Kim. Gail arrives and tells Sienna that she is going to win The Knockouts Championship from her at Destination X next week. Gail promises to retire as champion. Sienna attacks Gail Kim but Gail fights her off. Both women brawl as officials try to break them up. The pull apart brawl goes on for a couple of minutes before both women are eventually separated.

Joseph Park and Grado are backstage in the locker room. Grado is disappointed that he hasn't been able to get married to Laurel Van Ness because of Kongo Kong interrupting his wedding proposals in recent weeks. Grado is afraid of being deported. Park gives Grado a motivational speech to rev him up for their match with Kongo Kong tonight. He quotes his old football coach "Offenheimer" and tells Park that the fear of the hit is greater than the hit itself.

International Tag Team Match
El Hijo De Fantasma & Naomichi Marufuji vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.

Fantasma and Laredo Kid start things off. They work at a fast pace in some back-and-forth action with both mean engaging in a stand off. Garza Jr. is tagged in and eats a basement dropkick. Marufuji is in but he is greeted with a jawbreaker by Garza. Marufuji battles back with some stiff chops but Garza gives Naomichi a taste of his own medicine. Garza Jr. then knocks Marufuji to the outside with a high knee. Garza and Laredo Kid take to the air on top of Noamichi but Fantasma joins the aerial show and leaps onto Laredo. Fantasma continues the momentum for his team moments later by connecting with a frog splash on Garza. Laredo Kid makes his way into the ring and takes on both El Hijo and Marufuji. Garza and Laredo then use some tandem offense. A cool sequence sees Garza carry Marufuji and then catch Fantasma in his arms. Laredo leaps off the top and knocks them down with a leg lariat. Laredo then goes for a trifecta of moonsaults but misses on the third. The fast paced action continues. Garza Jr. tries to do his stripping spot but ends up eating a double superkick. Laredo Kid takes down both Marufuji and El Hijo. Garza recovers and hits a GTS on Fantasma. Moments later, El Hijo and Laredo knock each other down with dueling kicks. Laredo and Fantasma get back up and head to the air. Fantasma gets the better of Laredo and connects with a suicide dive. Garza Jr. and Marufuji go at it. Naomichi gets the better of Garza and wins the match with sliced bread.

Marufuji & El Hijo De Fantasma defeat Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.

Both teams show respect after the match and shake hands..... A vignette airs for the tag team Ohio Versus Everything(oVe), who will be debuting next week.

Handicap Match
Joseph Park & Grado vs. Kongo Kong

Neither Park nor Grado want to face Kong. They play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who faces him first. Grado loses, he tries to knock down Kong but fails. Grado runs over and tags in Joseph Park. Kong overpowers Park and grounds him with a headbutt. Kong misses with a running cannonball in the corner. Grado is tagged in and tries to deliver some strikes to Kong but they don't work. Park and Grado team up and take the big man off of his feet. They start high fiving each other and end up eating a double clothesline. Kongo then chokeslams Grado and cannonballs Park for the pinfall victory.

Kongo Kong defeats Joseph Park & Grado

Kong continues to beat down on Grado after the match. He goes to the top rope to splash Grado. Laurel Van Ness runs into the ring. She yells at Kongo to get him to not leap off the top. He comes down and Laurel slaps him. Kongo snaps and puts Laurel up on his shoulders. Tyrus makes his way to the ring. Kong drops Laurel Van Ness and stands toe to toe with Tyrus in the center of the ring. Laurel grabs a hold of Kong and leads him away from the ring and up the ramp.

Trevor Lee, Lashley and Low-Ki are interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell about their upcoming six man tag team main event versus Alberto, Sonjay Dutt and Matt Sydal. Lee tells Sonjay that he is going to show him who the real X Division champion is. Low-Ki addresses Alberto by mixing in some Spanish in his comments towards him. Low-Ki addresses Alberto's family and how he made the mistake of not joining LAX. Lashley is up last. He curses at Sydal and tells him that he is going to get hurt tonight. Lashley tells his partners that they are not his friends, and that they better stay out of his way.

A preview video airs chronicling the current feud between Sonjay Dutt and Trevor Lee. The video hypes up next week's Ladder match between them at Destination X.

This is followed by a Lashley MMA training video with America Top Team. The real premise of the video is the issue of Lashley being lured away from wrestling to become a full time MMA fighter. Jeff Jarrett features heavily in the video. He discusses the issue of trainer Dan Lambert wanting Lashley to step away from wrestling to focus solely on MMA. Jarrett says that Lashley is under contract, "so we will see what happens". Photos are shown of several prominent MMA fighters and King Mo is interviewed and says that Lashley should still do both wrestling and MMA. Jarrett mentions Lashley's upcoming match with Sydal at Destination X next week, and also announces that Lambert will be in attendance next week to watch Lashley wrestle. Jeff talks about Lambert's issues with him but hopes that they can put things aside and still deal with everything like business men.

This is followed by a segment with Dutch Mantel called "Down and Dirty with Dutch", it's listed as being filmed earlier in the day. Mantel is seated in front of production crates. It's a sitdown interview style segment where Dutch is in between Lashley and Matt Sydal. Dutch addresses Lashley first and asks him about his disrespect for Sydal. At the same time, Dutch also asks Lashley where he would rank among the top 100 athletes. Lashley answers the first question quickly by saying that he didn't disrespect Sydal, but was merely responding to what Sydal did to him. As for the top athlete ranking, Lashley says he is a top 3 overall athlete because of his accolades and sheer toughness. Lashley cites wrestling and MMA. Sydal is asked a similar question by Dutch but it's more where he would rank among X division athletes. Sydal says that he thinks his talent has no boundaries and that he would rank himself as #1 in the X division because of his most recent victory over Low-Ki. Sydal addresses Lashley and cites his resume. Matt says that his size has never stopped him from competing with people the size of Lashley. Sydal then mocks Lashley by ranking himself number three. Lashley says that there is a reason that there is a X division and that Sydal is not meant to fight men the size of him. Dutch promotes their Shot versus Shot match next week at Destination X and asks both men to predict what will happen. Lashley gets upset and takes issue with having to prove himself to another "X Division Guy". He threatens to hit Sydal but Dutch calms him down. Both men stand up and get in each other's face. Lashley then ends up grabbing Sydal by the throat and manhandles him. Security runs in to break it up.

After the break, a brief clip is shown of an argument backstage between Bruce Prichard and Karen Jarrett last week. Jeremy Borash announces that Bruce Prichard is scheduled to make an announcement next week that will effect the entire Impact roster.

Street Fight For The Unified Tag Team Championships
L.A.X (Santana & Ortiz) vs. Veterans Of War (Mayweather & Wilcox)

Konnan cuts an in-ring promo prior to the match, where he brags about Low-Ki joining them last week. He also calls the Veterans of War "GI Jabronies"....

Both teams brawl on the outside immediately. The weapons are out quickly. Singapore canes, trash cans and steel chairs are quickly introduced. VOW takes over the action early. They rough up Santana and Ortiz. Two tables are then brought into the ring. One is set up in the ring and the other in the corner. The VOW hits their signature Mother of All Bombs move on Ortiz through the table but Homicide pulls out the ref before he can count to three.... When the show returns from the break, Mayweather exacts revenge on Homicide by power bombing him onto the steel steps. Back in the ring, Wilcox is over powering Ortiz when Diamante gives him a low blow. She tries to hit VOW with the chair but is unsuccessful. Santana saves her by drop kicking the chair into Mayweather. Low-Ki then gets involved and handcuffs Mayweather to the ropes. LAX then beats down Mayweather. Wilcox tries to come to Mayweather's aid. He overpowers Santana and Ortiz. A Singapore cane takes Wilcox down. The LAX double team continues with more weaponry. Wilcox tries to fight LAX off by himself while Mayweather is still handcuffed to the ropes. LAX sends Wilcox crashing through a table in the corner when Santana cannonballs into him. This leads to Santana pinning Wilcox to secure the victory.

L.A.X. defeats V.O.W in a streetfight to retain The Unified Tag Team Titles

Konnan gets on the mic after their victory and challenges the company to send anyone they want after them..... Alberto El Patron gives Matt Sydal and Sonjay Dutt a pep talk backstage before their main event 6 man slated for later tonight.

Super X-Cup Tournament
Semi-Final Match
ACH vs. Taiji Ishimori

The winner of this match will go on to face Dezmond Xavier in the Super X-Cup final next week at Destination X..... Xavier is shown backstage watching the action. Both ACH and Ishimori put on an aerial display early on. ACH grounds Ishimori heading into the break.... When the show returns, Both men are working at a rapid pace and Ishimori connects with a beautiful top rope seated senton. Ishimori continues to put on a pretty display of offensive moves. He connects with running double knees into the corner, and then follows that up with a springboard double foot stomp. The pace of the match picks up and Ishimori gets a great looking body scissors on ACH. His momentum is cut short by a stiff ACH lariat. This leads to an exchange of several counters and reversals by both men. A lot of stiff strikes delivered during this sequence. ACH lifts up Ishimiori in a suplex position and transitions it into a tombstone position. Ishimori counters, gets ACH up and connects with an inverted gut buster. Ishimori follows that up with a springboard 450 splash. It looks so nice, that Ishimori does it twice and secures the pinfall victory.

Taiji Ishimori defeats ACH to advance to the Super X-Cup Final

Dezmond Xavier comes down to ringside. He extends a hand to ACH and shows him respect for his performance. Xavier and Ishimori then stand face to face in front of the X Cup trophy. They shake hands.

Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal & Sonjay Dutt vs. Bobby Lashley, Low-Ki & Trevor Lee

Alberto goes after Low-Ki right out the gate, trying to exact revenge for last week. Alberto roughs up Low-Ki and then tags in Dutt. Lee is in wearing the X division title around his waist. Sydal and Dutt team up and hit synchronized moonsaults on Lee and Low-Ki. Things turn around for the heels when Lashley gets in the ring. Sydal delivers a few martial arts kicks but Lashley shows off his own athleticism with a flying cross body. He then over powers Sydal and flings him to the outside, as the show heads to break..... Lashley is still dominating when the show returns. He lifts up Sydal for a really long delayed vertical suplex. Low-Ki is tagged in and he beats down on Sydal with some strikes. The punishment continues for Sydal as Trevor Lee takes his turn on him. Lashley is back in. He overpowers Sydal and starts toying with him. Sydal tries desperately to fight back while being isolated in the heels corner. He gets caught in a dragon sleeper by Low-Ki. Sydal manages to escape but takes some more punishment. Sydal finally rallies and tags in Sonjay Dutt. He comes in on fire and goes after Trevor Lee, connecting with a snap rana. Lashley comes in to break up a Dutt pinfall attempt by lifting him up and hitting a comical looking dominator. Dutt is nearly pinned after this. Low-Ki gets Dutt in an abdominal stretch. Sonjay tries to battle back but is grounded. Lashley is in and toys with Dutt and connects with a vicious looking neckbreaker.... Lashley has been the star of this show and is the star of this promotion..... Lee is in and Sonjay rallies with a tornado DDT. This opens the door for a fresh Alberto El Patron to come. A fired up Alberto comes in and takes on all three heels. Alberto empties out his entire offensive playbook and even unveils a suicide dive on Lashley. Dutt is back in and spikes Low-Ki with a tornado DDT. Trevor Lee and Dutt head up to the top. Lee ends up in an electric chair and gets a rana from Sydal. Lashley takes out Dutt. Alberto goes after Lashley and hits the Si kick to Lashley and then Low-Ki. Frantic finish in this one involving all six men. It all ends when Lashley hits a devastating power slam on Sonjay. This sets the table for Low-Ki to connect with his top rope "Warrior's Way" finisher to secure the victory for his team.

Lashley, Low-Ki & Trevor Lee defeat Alberto El Patron, Sonjay Dutt & Matt Sydal

The heels celebrate their victory after the match. They all stare down their respective opponents next week at Destination X. The show ends with this scene.... After the show ends, Impact releases footage of Matt Sydal receiving medical attention backstage. He believes that he may have re-aggravated a rotator cuff injury.