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- A recap of last week's Destination X kicks off tonight's show.

- From last week, Jeff Jarrett gets into a confrontation with members of American Top Team for jumping the referee after the main event of Destination X. Things got heated on both sides as Lashley tries to calm things down.

- Jeff Jarrett seemingly welcomes back the group to tonight's show.

- Earlier today, Jim Cornette talks with the GFW roster and tells them nobody is getting easy money and everyone needs to fight in tonight's Gauntlet of the Gold match. He wants chaos in tonight's match!

OVE (Jake and Dave Crist) vs. The Heat Seekers

Double suicide dives right off the bat by OVE. Jake gets right after his opponent, tags in Dave with a senton splash. Quick tags back and forth as OVE is in total control of this match. Dave catches one of the heat seekers trying to jump him and he gets a DDT on the apron to clear him out of the match. Dual high/low kicks to win the match in quick fashion.

Winners: OVE via Pinfall

- Jim Cornette on the phone, giving out a 5k fine to a wrestler. In comes Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Eli tries to talk his way out of the number one spot in tonight's Gauntlet for the Gold match. Cornette says he will change the number if Eli doesn't bother him anymore, Eli agrees. Cornette changes his number to number two. Eli yells "That's the same thing!" as Cornette leaves the room.

- Recap of last week's GFW Knockouts Championship match between Sienna and Gail Kim, along with the return of Taryn Terrell, who attacked Kim during the match.

- Taryn Terrell out to the ring and is asked why she attacked Gail Kim. She said - despite their ups and downs - she showed up to help induct Gail Kim into the Hall of Fame. Kim never thanked her or even followed Terrell on social media. Terrell then said Kim just follows her husband around the country and will eventually leave him, like she did the Knockouts Division. She's just tired of the "Gail Show," and wants to help Kim get to retirement a bit quicker. Out comes Kim, who wants to fight as Jeremy Borash tries to calm Kim down. Terrell is able to bail out of the ring as she taunts Kim.

- Recap of GFW going on the road.

- Low Ki talks about how he had a one-on-one match and now suddenly he has to face 19 other guys who don't even deserve a title shot. ECIII runs down some of the guys who don't belong, too. We also see Moose, Eddie Edwards, Chris Adonis, Braxton Sutter, Bobby Lashley and others hyping tonight's big match.

- Bobby Lashley and members of American Top Team show up in Jim Cornette's office. Cornette asked the group to respect where they are and not choke out his referees. Lashley wants to know why Cornette took the title away from him and Cornette responds he just wants him to earn the title. Both Cornette and Lashley's MMA coach tell him he's going to have to pick a side at some point.

- Promo for Taya Valkyrie, who will be coming to GFW soon.

- A look back at Grado trying to stay in the US by marrying one of the Knockouts.

- Grado and Joseph Park head to the ring. Grado on the mic, he thanks the fans for being so great to him. Crowd with a "Grado" chant. Grado continues that he needs to go home and is being deported from the U.S. Park takes the mic and says he sorry that he didn't do more for him and that he loves him. Grado then talks about all of the things he's happy to get back to, including a variety of cheese fries. He then thanks every fan for help making his dream come true as a wrestler in America. A "Thank You, Grado" chant breaks out. Grado says "Cheerio" and Park tries to get a slow clap going for him.

Out comes Laurel Van Ness minus the wedding dress and tear soaked makeup. Laurel says Grado changed her and that he's the perfect match for her. She then gets on one knee and proposes to Grado, offering up a ring to him. He says "Yes!" and she plants a kiss on him. Wedding music suddenly plays and everyone in the ring starts dancing. Out comes Kongo Kong to ruin the fun. Suddenly Mahabali Shera gets in Kong's way, Kong backs up slowly.

- In Cornette's office, he talked to Eddie Edwards about when he first saw Edwards and then told Edwards both he and Anthem would be proud if Edwards became champion.

- Cut to LAX's hangout talking about jacking up the prices of beer at some club. After some more business is talked about, Konnan talks to Low Ki about destroying everyone in tonight's main event match and to bring home that title.

Gauntlet of the Gold 20-Man Match for the GFW Championship

The first and second entrants are Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake. A lot of stalling early on until Edwards gets in the first chop on Drake. Edwards gets in plenty of strikes to start off this match, Drake is struggling early.

Mario Bokara enters at #3

Bokara instantly goes after Edwards with a nice release belly-to-back suplex. All three men end up going after each other before the next wrestler comes out.

Eddie Kingston enters at #4$

Kingston goes after all three men in the ring before working on Edwards while Drake goes after Bokara. Not much action happening.

Braxton Sutter enters at #5

Sutter and Kingston lock up with Sutter getting the best of that exchange. Drake jumps Sutter before getting suplexed. Edwards attempts to eliminate Bokara as we are already to the next wrestler

Richard Justice enters at #6

Justice looks frightened as he heads to the ring, he does a few squats before getting into the ring. Justice goes after Kingston who just walks away from him. Nobody really wants anything to do with Justice, so he just stands around in the ring and does squats.

ECII enters at #7

ECIII tells Justice they can team up and toss everyone out and then kicks Justice between the legs and tosses him out of the ring.

Richard Justice eliminated

Kongo Kong enters at #8

At number 8, Kong makes his way to the ring and hammers everyone in his way.

Mario Bokara and Eddie Kingston are eliminated

Suicide enters at #9

Suicide takes everyone in the ring out with a moonsault. Suicide able to handle everyone until he goes for Kongo Kong, which doesn't end so well for him.

Mahbali Shera enters at #10

Shera gets right into Kong's face and the two start hammering away at each other. Shera gets the best of Kong and gets him out!

Kongo Kong eliminated

Chris Adonis enters at #11

Adonis flies to the ring to help out Drake and clear out the group around him. Adonis and Drake double team on Shera and send him to the floor.

Mahabali Shera elimnated

Drake and Adonis start working together to attempt to get Sutter out of the ring. Everyone is paired off kicking and punching away at each other.

El Hijo del Fantasma enters at #12

Fantasma goes to work on ECIII and kicks away at others as we head to break.

Johnny Impact (Nitro/Mundo) enters at #13

Getting maybe the biggest pop of the night, Johnny hits the ring and goes to work on Adonis. Adonis tosses him to the apron, Johnny slides under and send Adonis to the floor. Suicide goes right after Johnny and gets sent out too.

Chris Adonis and Suicide Eliminated

Garza Jr. enters at #14

Garza jumps right to the top rope and dropkicks Johnny. Garza goes after Fantasma, drops him to the mat and then kicks Sutter over the top rope and to the floor.

Braxton Sutter eliminated

Fallah Baha enters at #15

Baha drops literally everyone in the ring before choking Drake in the corner. Johnny goes after Baha and tries to pick him up, he then calls for others to help him out as almost everyone helps except Drake and ECIII.

KM enters at #16

KM goes right after Johnny and drops him in the middle of the ring. He switches attention to other wrestlers before getting chopped by Edwards. Looks like there are 8 in the ring right now, everyone is paired off with each other.

Ishimori enters at #17

Ishimori goes right at KM and instantly gets shoved down. Ishimori returns the favor and goes to work on KM. No one is really close to being eliminated as we get the next entrant

Lashley enters at #18

Lashley jumps in and instantly sends KM, Baha, and Ishimori out of the ring.

KM, Fallah Baha, and Ishimori eliminated

Moose enters at #19

Moose goes to Fantasma with a headbutt, he then crushes both Fantasma and ECIII in the corner. Garza Jr. gets in his pants stripping spot and Moose counters his hurricanrana by throwing him over the top rope on the other wrestlers he just eliminated.

Garza Jr. eliminated

Low Ki enters at #20

With the final entrant in the match, Low Ki gets ganged up on by ECII and Fantasma. Low Ki faces off with Johnny both land strikes and counters until Low Ki hits a double foot stomp on Johnny's chest from the second rope. Fantasma attempts to send ECII out of the ring, but gets countered and sent out.

El Hijo del Fantasma eliminated

ECII in a bad spot and Eddie Edwards is able to knock him off the apron, much to ECII's dismay.

ECIII eliminated

Low Ki with a dragon sleeper on Moose in the middle of the ring. We are down to six guys, and Low Ki is suddenly sent out! Crowd reacts big time to that elimination.

Low Ki Eliminated

Down to five, Lashley, Moose, Edwards, Drake, and Johnny. Everyone is getting their big moves in on each other one by one. Dropkick by Moose sends Lashley up and over the top rope!

Lashley eliminated

Moose tries to send Edwards out via Powerbomb and Edwards counters with a hurricanrana to send Moose out.

Moose eliminated

We're down to Drake, Johnny, and Edwards. Drake hammers away at Johnny, tries to throw him out, Johnny counters, Drake holds on despite Johnny kicking him out. Drake ends up going to the floor head-first and is hanging to the bottom rope by his feet! Edwards goes to work on Johnny in the middle of the ring. Drake nearly sends Johnny out, who's on the ropes, Drake goes out to the floor, but it's through the second rope, so he's not eliminated. He then grabs Johnny and yanks him to the floor, eliminating him because he did initially go up and over the top rope.

Johnny Impact eliminated

Eddie Edwards vs. Eli Drake to decide the GFW Champion. Edwards with a suicide dive through the second rope on Drake. Action back in the ring, Blue Thunder Bomb by Edwards for only a two count. Drake able to drop Edwards, goes for the pin with the feet on the rope and Edwards is still able to kick out. Edwards to the top, splash, Drake counters, Bottom Rung by Drake, pin, 1-2-3!

Eli Drake wins the GFW Championship via Pinfall

- Post-match American Top Team gets involved from the front row yet again, Lashley tries to calm his guys down. Scott D'amore gets shoved to the floor by one of the members. The group ends up leaving via the ramp and to the back. Drake continues to celebrate in the ring with Chris Adonis.