GFW Star Injured On Impact? (Videos), Low Ki Comments On Other Wrestlers Taking His Moves

- Above, Matt Sydal received medical attention after tonight's main event due to his shoulder popping out of place during the match. Sydal said he knew it was out of place when it happened and the shoulder went numb. In the video, he's told he shouldn't wrestle for 6-8 weeks, so the ligaments in the shoulder can heal up. Sydal is scheduled to face Lashley next week at Destination X.

- GFW cameras caught up with Matt Sydal after the show to ask him about the injury. Sydal responded:

"That might have been the last bump you ever saw from Matt Sydal, maybe not. That feeling of numbness that goes from here all the way down to your last fingertip. ...I don't break, I just bend like the little blade of grass that still standing when the storm has past and all the big trees - the big oaks - have toppled over. This little blade of grass is gonna be standing."

- On Twitter, Low-Ki retweeted a gif of his move, Warrior's Way (double stomp from the top rope) and ACH wondered jokingly if he could borrow some of Low-Ki's move while not give any credit. Low-Ki responded: "Get in line. Plenty of performers already doing that." Low Ki will face Alberto El Patron for the Unified GFW World Heavyweight Championship next week.


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