GFW Title Match Set For Next Week's Impact, Allie Meets Taryn Terrell (Video), By The Numbers

- Above, Allie introduced herself to Taryn Terrell and wondered why Terrell was so mean to Gail Kim last week. Terrell asked if Allie could pass a message to Kim, and beat Allie up. Later in the night, Karen Jarrett booked a tag match for next week: Taryn Terrell and GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna vs. Allie and Gail Kim.

- GFW took at look at their most watched YouTube videos from last week, here are the top five:

5) Taryn Terrell On Costing Gail Kim The Knockouts Championship (52k views)
4) Taryn Terrell Has Returned To GFW IMPACT (65k views)
3) Laurel Van Ness Proposes To Grado!!! What Did He Say? (76k views)
2) Closing Moments of Gauntlet For The Gold | Who Is Champion? (123k views)
1) Johnny IMPACT Debuts in GFW (276k views)

- Jim Cornette announced that next week Matt Sydal will take on Eli Drake for the GFW Championship. Sydal won his opportunity for the title shot of his choosing when he defeated Lashley at Destination X earlier this month. GFW cameras caught up with Drake to ask him about his thoughts on next week's match.

"Everybody's coming, because guess what, man? I might hang in there for a four-year term," Drake said. "This ain't the White House, we ain't changing out every week! This is staying around, this is lasting a long time. Why? Because it's Eli Drake."