Goldberg (Video), Kofi Kingston's Creepy Photos Of Big E And Xavier Woods, New Day Talk Title Match

- Above is from Nitro in 2000 when Goldberg speared his opponent Kwee Wee in mid-air and then won the match with the Jackhammer.

- Yesterday, WWE announced The New Day will defend their titles against The Usos at SummerSlam and WWE cameras caught up with the group to ask them about the upcoming match. Xavier Woods responded:

"We saw on Twitter that it was "Breaking News" from Catherine Kelley - Catherine Kelley we love you, you're fantastic - but that's not breaking news, girl! They get a rematch! Of course we're going up against them! Why would they not invoke the rematch clause? They can't beat us in tag team action. First time, they walked out, because they knew they were going to lose. Second time, we spanked them, whooped them, and brought these championships right where they belong."

- Speaking of The New Day, today is "Friendship Day" and Kofi Kingston wanted to celebrate by sending out photos of his friends Big E and Xavier Woods together at places like the men's room. Xavier noted that he and Big E had no idea Kofi was doing this and that he actually saved the bathroom photo for over a year. In response, Kofi just laughed.


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