Honky Tonk Man On How Much He Was Paid Working WWF Shows With Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage Being Intense

Wrestling Inc. correspondent Scott H. recently attended the U.K. Comic Con. Below are highlights from the Q&A featuring The Honky Tonk Man:

* When asked who his favorite opponent was, he answered that it was Hulk Hogan's right leg because he earned $10,000 every time he dropped it. He said that he worked a run of shows with Hulk for 5 nights in a row and it was the most he ever got from a house show run.

* HTM talks about the house show market in the 1980's being so great and that all the talent were paid in cash. If you didn't draw you didn't get paid.

* He tells how One Man Gang used to love working Hogan as the payoff was just so good. He says he asked Gang how come he always gets Hulk and One Man told him that's the way Hulk wanted it.

* He talked about how intense Randy Savage was. He says Randy and he would work the same match seven nights in a row and Randy would come over each night and go over the same stuff to make sure it was totally perfect.

* He talks about being at a signing with Wade Barrett when Barrett was Intercontinental Champion. He says the promoter introduced Honky as the greatest Intercontinental Champion ever and really put him over. He said he felt bad for Barrett as it just kind cut into his reaction from the fans in attendance.

* Honky talks about how much of a prankster The Dynamite Kid was in his day. He says both he and Davey Boy loved ribbing the boys.


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