– Last year Cricket Wireless released a spot that went viral of John Cena surprising unsuspecting fans at a Cricket Wireless store in Los Angeles. This year, Cricket Wireless released the emotional five-minute video above of Cena being surprised by some of his fans after he reads heartwarming thank you notes they have sent him around how he’s helped inspire their lives. What John doesn’t know is that those same fans are listening in another room to John reading the thank you notes.

The last thank you note featured is in the form of a video by a child named Tyler Schweer, whose mother had breast cancer. Tyler mentions how John gave Tyler his wristband at a WWE event that shows John’s famous “Never Give Up” phrase. Tyler mentions he gave this wristband to his Mom to help and told her to never give up. Tyler’s mom went on to beat breast cancer. Then one by one, each fan who was listening enters the room to surprise John and thank him.

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– Hulk Hogan praised Braun Strowman on Twitter this past weekend, nothing that he “looks like the new Hulkster.” He also said that he could be Strowman’s manager, as seen below: