Jeff Hardy's Latest Face Paint (Photo), Underrated WWE Star Returns, Fans On Southpaw Wrestling

- Above is WWE's latest Top 10 featuring underrated Superstar returns. The group includes Rob Van Dam (2013), Trish Stratus (2008), Scott Steiner (2002), and Shelton Benjamin from this past week's SmackDown.

- WWE's latest poll asked fans: "Who is your favorite new season 2 character on Southpaw Regional Wrestling?" The top four are: The Butchers ("Dry Rub" Doug & Frantic Frank - 28 percent), Nicci Lee Styxxx (13 percent), Susan (12 percent), and Voo and Doo (The Brothers Voodoo - 10 percent).

- Back in July, Jeff Hardy showed off a few of his different face paint looks through his Instagram. Yesterday he posted another, showing his latest for a house show in Tupelo, Mississippi.

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