Jim Ross Says Ronda Rousey In WWE Is "Inevitable", John Cena - The Onion, Titus O'Neil Visits Team

- As seen in the video above, TMZ Sports caught up with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. TMZ asked JR if Ronda Rousey will eventually join WWE.

"Oh, she's gonna be a big star," JR said. "It's inevitable. I see her in a WrestleMania someday... It's too great an opportunity for her to pass up and WWE to pass up. It's a match made in heaven."

- The Onion has a satirical article here about John Cena paying $4 million at an auction for an 18th-century wrought iron cage.

"When you see the attention to detail on each and every beam, especially in the corners by the ring posts, you realize the remarkable craftsmanship that used to go into welding one of these," The Onion quoted Cena as saying. "There's certainly some pitting and slight corrosion near the top where wrestlers would have hung before crashing down for a leg drop, but otherwise it's in incredible condition for its age. I've always loved the look of these hand-forged lantern hooks they used to light up the ring, but they were largely phased out by the1780s, which makes this an exceptionally unique piece indeed."

For those that are not familiar with The Onion, it is news satire and the articles aren't real. They got some flack recently for spoofing wrestlers dying at an early age, as well as for an article last month about WWE having to shoot The Big Show dead after a 7-year-old boy entered a steel cage during his match.

- Titus O'Neil visited the Temple Football team on Tuesday. Titus spoke with the team and watch their practice. You can watch footage from Titus' visit in the video below:


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