As noted, Rosemary was injured at last night’s AAA Triplemania XXV. PWinsider reported that at the end of the match pitting Sexy Star defending the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship against Rosemary, Lady Shani & Ayako Hamada, Sexy Star popped Rosemary’s arm out of place while applying her armbar submission in what appeared to be a shoot.

The injury is said to not be that serious, and Rosemary is not expected to be out of action for too long.

It was noted that Lady Shani and Star were legitimately shooting on each other at one point during the match. The backstage scene was said to be “extremely tense.” Star left the arena, but was brought back by Vampiro and she apologized to Rosemary. Star then quickly left again.

Shani was still upset after the match and was reportedly looking for Star backstage to finish what they started.

Many wrestlers took to Twitter to speak out against Star, you can see some of the responses below: