Lana And Rusev Go To All-Star Game (Photos), WWE Trainer As An Announcer?, Enzo Amore's First Job

- Above, Enzo Amore talked about his first job, which was helping his Dad, who was a DJ. He said outside of the family business, his first job was at a bagel shop, stocking the shelves and mopping the floors after school in 7th grade. He also spoke about another job as a mover, where he often had to haul pianos into people's homes.

- wrote up an article on Lana and Rusev appearing at the MLS All-Star Game on Wednesday, where the MLS All-Stars took on Real Madrid. In the article they included a few photos of the couple.

On the way to #mls #mlsallstar game.

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- A fan on Twitter asked Steve Corino if he would ever consider going to commentary in NXT, like he did while working for ROH. Corino responded, "Zero chance. Those days are over." and gave props to the current announcing team. Corino started in January of this year as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center.


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