Lana On Why She's Not Managing Rusev, Coming Out On A Tank, Not Included In The Women's Revolution

Lana spoke to Al Arabiya English about a number of wrestling topics, during the interview Rusev showed up to talk, as well. You can see their full comments in the video above. Here are some of the highlights:

Making a name for herself in the women's division:

"Well, he [Rusev] really wanted me to stay home and take care of him, and cook clean and listen, and bake some salmon, and massage his feet, and comb his hair. That's really what he wanted me to do. But just like I helped take him to the top. And lookó I obviously love being with him, but at this time, I want to make sure that I make a name for myself in the women's division. And when managing a man, unfortunately, even though I took him to the top, and I'm cutting promos with the Rock and John Cena, when they talk about the women's revolution, my name isn't heard anywhere. If I have to enter into the ring to fight, and to compete, and bring Tamina, or any other women to the top to establish my name, then that's what I have to do."

Not managing Rusev at the moment:

"One of the reasons why I don't feel like I need to manage him right now is I feel like I've taught him everything I need to teach him, and helped him, and everything, and that's why I have to go use my amazing ravishing ambition with other women to help bring them to the top. I think I had to help give him the ravishing ambition, and then. ...Yeah, it's more about promos. I think in wrestling and competing, he's the best. With promos, I have to - we have to - I have to coach him. We have to go through, and I have to say, 'Ok, let's go through it like seven more times.' Because when you have a conversation, and you talk, then when you yell, and scream, it means more. And people listen."

Coming out on a tank:

"Oh my gosh, If I came out on a tank that would be the best."

Again, you can see the full interview in the video above or read the highlights by clicking here.

Source: Al Arabiya English


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