Low Ki On Who GFW Should Sign For X Division, Sonjay Dutt On If WWE Copied His Push For Jinder Mahal

Low Ki named five performers be believes Global Force Wrestling should try to sign to bring interest back to the X Division during a recent media conference call. When asked for specific talent, he answered:

"I have a few people I would consider," said Low Ki. "Especially for a particular difference in styles. I would say Will Ospreay, even though he may be bound to other companies. His in-ring style is extremely unique and then the contrast to him would be somebody who he elevated against, which would be Ricochet. Those two unique performers have unique styles to them that is very difficult to copy."

"On the flip side of that, somebody like Keith Lee. A giant but the man can move so uniqueness is what will set everybody apart," continued Low Ki. "Going into different places around the world. Pentagon, Jr. Fénix. These are different people from different locations around the world but their style is what elevates them. The fact that they are just as passionate as many members of the X Division, having them matched-up from different locations, different realms around the world is something that would help elevate even further. But currently with what we have in the X Division, have newer stars coming in, and these gentlemen are well accomplished before arriving here with the exception of Dezmond Xavier. Dezmond Xavier he reminds me more of The Amazing Red when The Amazing Red arrived in 2002. He's young, he's exciting, he's physically gifted but he has to battle against experience from all around the world."

Later in the call, Sonjay Dutt was asked about winning the X Division Championship while GFW was in India and about WWE putting their title on Jinder Mahal right after that. When asked about the land race for India, Dutt responded:

"Interesting, you know, I don't know if anybody copied. I don't know of any of that stuff. Our India plans were solidified early in the year. We knew we were going to India, we knew a road map of where we wanted to go."

Dutt explained that Jarrett and company have wanted to expand in India for at least five years and it's something they did with their Ring Ka King series, a promotion backed by TNA Wrestling in 2012.

"It's something we here as a company have been trying slowly but surely to do," said Dutt. "I think that 2012 was the first time I went to India for this company. In 2012, Jeff Jarrett and I and Dutch Mantel we all created this show called Ring Ka King. We shot 26 episodes in India, that was the first foray for basically anybody associated with any kind of professional wrestling company to shoot content for television, create stars. We created 14-15 Indian there that we took from obscurity, from small villages and auditioned, we made them wrestlers and made them stars and that was the first time that anybody did that. We've been trying this slowly buy surely consistently for the last five years."

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