A video opens the show hyping tonight’s episode and recapping Johnny Mundo’s successful title defense against Rey Mysterio. Dario Cueto is seen talking to his brother Matanza Cueto, telling him that he will soon face Rey Mysterio one on one.

Matt Striker and Vampiro check in on commentary. Son Of Madness is introduced in the ring. Mascarita Sagrada makes his entrance.

Son Of Madness vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Madness kicks Sagrada from behind as the bell rings. Madness kicks Sagrada’s head. Madness stomps Sagrada in the corner. Madness hits a back-breaker on Sasgrada. Sasgrada dodges an attack attempt from Madness before hitting a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT. Sagrada rolls Madness up for a one count. Madness pushes Sagrada to the ropes. Madness runs towards Sagrada. Sagrada moves out of the way, which sends Madness out of the ring. Madness stops a Suicide Dive attempt from Sagrada by punching him the face. Madness gets back in the ring and runs towards Sagrada in the corner, Sagrada gets his boots up though. Sagrada goes to the turnbuckle. Madness connects with a boot to the face of Sagrada. Madness hits a Stalling Suplex on Sagrada. Madness pins Sagrada for the win.

Winner: Son Of Madness

Son Of Havoc attacks Son Of Madness after the match. Dario Cueto has security seperate them and tells them that they will face off in the main event in a Biker Brawl for one of the seven medallions.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez (with Mariposa) and Argenis are introduced in the ring.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Argenis

Argenis kicks Martinez. Martinez pushes Argenis to the corner before striking him several times. Martinez sends Argenis to the opposite corner before connecting with a running kick to the face. Argenis dodges an attack attempt by Martinez in the corner before striking him. Argenis hits a Cross Body from off the top rope onto Martinez. Martinez slams Argenis to the mat. Martinez starts to rip the mask of Argenis. Martinez kicks Argenis before pinning him for a two count. Argenis ducks a clothesline attempt from Martinez before taking him to the mat and kicking him. Martinez rolls out of the ring. Argenis hits a Senton over the top rope to the outside on Martinez. Martinez drives his knee into Argenis. Martinez slams Argenis’ head off the wooden bleachers. Argenis strikes Martinez before connecting with a Super-kick. Argenis hits a head-scissors at ringside on Martinez. Mariposa sends Argenis into the ring post as the referee checks on Martinez. Argenis is busted open. Martinez sends Argenis back into the ring. Martinez kicks Argenis. Martinez drives the neck of Argenis into the top rope. Martinez dropkicks Argenis before pinning him for a two count. Martinez strikes Argenis. Argenis locks in a wrist lock on Martinez. Martinez elbows Argenis in the face. Argenis hits a neckbreaker on Martinez. Martinez pins Argenis for a two count. Martinez hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Back-breaker on Argenis. Martinez hits a double knee face-breaker on Argenis. Martinez pins Argenis for the win.

Winner: Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Martinez rips the mask off of Argenis after the match. Martinez says he wants Fenix’s mask. Fenix comes out and hits a running kick to the face of Martinez before super kicking Mariposa. Fenix makes a Mask versus Hair challenge to Martinez for Ultimo Lucha.

Joey Ryan is introduced in the ring. Sexy Star makes her entrance.

Joey Ryan vs. Sexy Star

Star strikes Ryan several times. Ryan sends Star to the corner. Star dodges an attack attempt by Ryan in the corner. Star hits a Spinning DDT on Ryan. Star pins Ryan for a two count. Star hits a head-scissors on Ryan. Star elbows Ryan. Star rolls Ryan up for a two count. Star slaps Ryan in the face several times. Ryan slams Star to the mat. Ryan hits a back-breaker on Star. Ryan locks in a cross-face on Star. Taya comes to ringside. Ryan breaks his own hold. Ryan hits a Scoop Slam on Star. Ryan pins Star for a two count. Star chops Ryan several times. Star grabs Ryan by the chest hair and slams him to the mat three times. Star hits a drop-toe-hold on Ryan. Star hits the Three Amigas on Ryan. Star pins Ryan for a two count. Star hits a Leg Drop on Ryan. Star goes to the ring apron and then hits a Seated Senton to the outside on Taya. Star kicks Taya several times before getting back in the ring. Ryan hits a Super-Kick on Star. Ryan pins Star for the win.

Winner: Joey Ryan

Cortez Castro comes out and hits Ryan with Kendo Stick several times.

Cortez Castro confronts Dario Cueto in his office. Cueto books Castro in a match against Joey Ryan for next week.

Son Of Madness and Son Of Havoc make their entrances.

Biker Brawl For One Of The Seven Medallions:
Son Of Madness vs. Son Of Havoc

Havoc jumps over the referee to tackle Madness. Havoc strikes Madness several times. Madness sends Havoc over the top rope. Madness hits a double stomp to the outside on Havoc over the top rope. Madness grabs a trash can. Havoc gets out of the way of a trash can shot attempt. Havoc grabs the trash can and hits Madness with it. Havoc hits a Scoop Slam on Madness on the wooden bleachers. Havoc slams the head of Madness off the ring post. Madness throws a trash can at Havoc. Madness hits Havoc with the trash can lid. Madness drives his boot into Havoc. Madness pushes Havoc off of some fencing and into the crowd. Madness climbs up onto the fencing and jumps off onto Havoc in the crowd. Havoc eventually is able to send Madness back over the fencing towards the ringside area. Havoc jumps off the fencing with an attack on Madness. Madness dodges an attack attempt by Havoc, with Havoc hitting the fencing. Havoc sends Madness into the fencing. Havoc ducks a clothesline attempt by Madness. Havoc flips Madness into the fencing. Havoc sends Madness into the ring before ascending the turnbuckle. Madness gets out of the way of a 450 Splash attempt, Havoc rolls through. Madness clotheslines Havoc before pinning him for a two count. Havoc rolls to the ring apron. Havoc hits a modified suplex on Madness sending him to ringside. Havoc hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on Madness. They get back in the ring. Havoc hits a Springboard Elbow on Madness. Havoc hits a Double Stomp on Madness before hitting a Standing Moonsault as well. Havoc pins Madness for a two count. Havoc hits a Stubber before pinning Madness for another two count. Havoc hits a Pump Kick on Madness. Madness clotheslines Havoc. Madness suplexes Havoc before pinning him for a two count. Madness grabs a beer bottle and a toolbox from under the ring as well as a trash can from ringside. Madness hits a Death Valley Driver on Havoc onto a trash can in the ring. Madness pins Havoc for a two count. Madness grabs a hammer from the toolbox. Havoc kicks Madness. Havoc grabs the beer bottle. Madness runs towards Havoc with the hammer. Havoc smashes the beer bottle across the face of Madness. Havoc hits a Shooting Star Press from off the top turnbuckle on Madness. Havoc pins Madness for the win.

Winner: Son Of Havoc

Son Of Havoc celebrates as the show comes to a close.