Lucha Underground Recap (8/2): Johnny Mundo Attacks Rey Mysterio's Son, Cueto Cup Quarterfinals,More


The synopsis for tonight's episode: The Cueto Cup's quarterfinals begin; Dario admonishes Matanza; Marty the Moth continues with his unscrupulous behavior towards Melissa.

The opening video teases this week's main storylines. The continuation of the Cueto Cup, Worlwide Underground's feud with Rey Mysterio/Dragon Azteca, Prince Puma's promise to win it all, Dario Cueto's relationship with his brother Matanza and Marty's obsession with Melissa Santos.

The opening scene of the episode sees Dario Cueto greeting his caged brother Matanza in a dungeon inside the Temple. Cueto had brought his brother food but more importantly a message. Dario talks about his brother's hunger and how he has been a slave to it. Cueto says that Matanza's hunger for revenge led to him attacking his own brother. Cueto says that Matanza has the power of a god but is still a man, and that if he wants to still keep being a man. He needs to overcome his hunger because if he doesn't, Cueto warns Matanza that the Gods will take over him and use him as just a vessel. Cueto leaves a plate of meat just outside Matanza's cage, far enough where he can't reach it. When Matanza realizes this, he groans in anger.

The house band plays us into the Temple, as Matt Striker and Vampiro intro and hype this week's show from ringside.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Quarterfinal Match- Group B
Pindar w/Kobra Moon vs. Fenix

Melissa Santos looks on glowingly towards Fenix. The two have had an on-air relationship in recent weeks. Striker notes this on commentary. He also points out that Rey Mysterio's family is at ringside, which could come into play later on..... Comedian/Actor Ron Funches is also in attendance for this show.....

Pindar over powers Fenix in the early going. Fenix rallies and hits a flurry of aerial moves. Kobra Moon gets onto the apron and distracts Fenix. This allows Pindar to regain control. Pindar sends Fenix flying in an elevated monkey flip. One third of the Trios champs then hits two consecutive power moves on Fenix. Moments later, Fenix rallies with a jumping spinning heel kick in the corner. He then sends Pindar crashing to the mat with a german suplex. Melissa is shown at ringside rooting her new man on. Meanwhile back in the ring, both men battle to the top rope. Fenix hits an impressive looking exploder suplex from the top. He follows that with a double knee from the top rope. This enables Fenix to get the victory.

Fenix defeats Pindar by pinfall to advance to the final four of The Cueto Cup Tournament

The next scene of the show has Taya, PJ Black, Ricky Mandel and Jack Evans in Dario Cueto's office.... After some comedy with Dario not being able to understand what Jack is saying..... Cueto admonishes WU for getting involved in recent WU related matches. Cueto bans the group from intervening in Johnny Mundo's match later tonight versus Dragon Azteca. Dario says that he has special opportunities available for the WU group and teases them all being a part of the Gift of The Gods. Those opportunities will be taken away by Dario if Taya, Black and company interfere tonight.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Quarterfinal Match- Group D
Prince Puma vs. Dante Fox

No feeling out process in this one. Both men work at a break neck pace and hit dueling dives on each other. The action doesn't let up as both men trade long range high flying moves. Fox tries to hit a shooting star press off of the ring apron, Puma catches him in mid-air but Fox counters it into a tornado DDT on the outside floor.

Dante takes control and grounds Puma on the inside. The pace of the match finally slows down. After being grounded for a bit, Puma battles back to his feet. After a nice exchange of counters, Fox blocks a tilt a whirl and turns it into a twisting suplex for a near fall.

Fox is back in control again. The crowd is chanting 50-50 for both men. After another series of reversals and counters, This time Puma comes on top with a cutter and a standing shooting star press resulting in a near fall. Dante battles back and grounds Puma with some stiff strikes and a springboard gut buster.

More counters and reversals from Dante Fox and Prince Puma. This time on the mat, exchanging a variation of pinfall attempts. Both men then trade strikes and put on a great display of evasive tactics. Puma wins this exchange but can't put Fox away. A stiff striking exchange follows. Puma goes on an offensive flurry but gets caught and slammed in mid-air. Dante Fox then empties out his arsenal of moves culminating in a 450 splash attempt. Puma puts his knees up and rolls up Fox for a very close fall. This is followed by several combo moves by Prince Puma. A beautiful sequence of suplex combos by Puma leads to yet another close pinfall.

Moments later, both men battle to the top rope. Puma connects with an exploder suplex from the top and follows that up with a reverse driver for yet another near fall. The Prince sends Fox crashing into the turnbuckles with a vicious double foot stomp. Puma then wins the match after hitting his signature and breath taking 630 splash.

Prince Puma defeats Dante Fox to advance to the final four of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Puma will go on to face Fenix next in The Cueto Cup....After the match, Dante Fox's rival Killshot makes his way to the ring. Killshot exacts revenge on Fox and takes him out. The believers in the Temple boo Killshot. He takes the mic and tells Fox that he is right and that it isn't over between them.

When the show returns from the break.... Captain Vasquez is with Detective Cortez Castro at LAPD headquarters. The captain is watching highlights from Castro's recent defeat at the hands of Cage... Vasquez excuses Castro for losing the match under his new masked persona 'Veneno', but she gives him heat for not getting the pinch on Cage for murdering Councilman Delgado. Castro asks why Cage hasn't been arrested. Vasquez tells him that she doesn't want Cage, instead she wants his gauntlet as she points to Cage's iron fist. Castro says that there isn't a man alive that will be take the gauntlet away from Cage. As Castro leaves the office, Vasquez opens up her drawer and stares at her half of the medallion she has. The other half which belongs to Catrina. Vasquez stares at the medallion and says " you may be right". The implication that a "man" won't be able to get the gauntlet away from Cage.

Johnny Mundo vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Mundo does his usual showboating early on. It catches up to him and opens the door for Azteca. Dragon takes the fight to Mundo and grounds him with some stiff kicks. El Dragon Azteca stays on the offensive and hits a pretty top rope rana. When Azteca attempts to leap onto on Mundo at ringside, he gets caught in mid-air and slammed down hard to the outside floor. Mundo controls the action for the next few minutes.

Azteca rallies with a pretty dragon roll for a close fall. He follows that up with a wicked cassadora bomb from the top rope for another near fall. Some real pretty offense in this match. Not to be outdone, Johnny Mundo rallies and executes a perfect looking Spanish fly.

Heated final few minutes in this one. After several close falls by Azteca. Mundo is able to rally and he gets the victory with his signature end of the world finisher.

Johnny Mundo defeats El Dragon Azteca Jr. by pinfall

After the match, Mundo gets out a steel chair. He proceeds to beat down Dragon with the chair and then puts his neck in a vice. Mundo sets up to break Azteca's neck. Just then Rey Mysterio comes to Azteca's resuce. He runs Mundo away from the ring. Rey tends to a fallen Azteca while Mundo makes his way up the temple stairs. It appears that Mundo has left the scene. Rey Mysterio greets his family at ringside. When Rey makes his way to towards the back, Mundo reappears and heads back down the temple stairs. Mundo goes over to Rey's family. He addresses Mysterio's son Dominic. Mundo curses out Dominic's dad. Dominic gets up and gets in Mundo's face. Striker says that Dominic is not an 8 year old anymore (referencing the Eddie Guerrero angle from 12 years ago). Security comes out to break Mundo and Dominic up. Rey runs out to defend his family but Worldwide Underground shows up. They hold up Rey as Mundo teases knocking out Mysterio with the LU Championship. Instead, Johnny Mundo turns and lays out Rey's son Dominic with the title. WU runs off and an enraged Mysterio tends to his fallen son.

The closing scene of the show has Melissa Santos and Fenix walking together outside the Temple. They are headed towards Fenix's car. Melissa asks him if he ever takes his mask off. Fenix says that he does sometimes when he doesn't fight. Fenix and Melissa joke around and he carries her on his back to their car. Off in the distance is Marty 'The Moth' Martinez. Marty is talking to himself and says that Melissa won't like Fenix when he takes his mask away from him. Marty talks about how ugly Fenix is without the mask. The show ends with Marty laughing.


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