Lucha Underground Recap (8/9): Cueto Cup Quarterfinals, Pentagon Dark Vs. Texano, Muertes Vs. Crane

SEASON 3 EPISODE #30 "Bloodlines"
Filmed At The Temple In Boyle Heights, California

The synopsis for tonight's show:
The Cueto Cup's quarterfinals continue; an FBI agent visits Dario Cueto.

The show opens with a video teaser setting up tonight's episode. The storylines featured are Beautiful Brenda's courtship of Texano, The Mil Muertes/Catrina/Jeremiah Crane love triangle and Dario Cueto's recent challenges towards The Worldwide Underground..... Matt Striker and Vampiro intro the show from inside the Temple. They preview the final two matches of the Cueto Cup Quarterfinals.

The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Saltador & Mala Suerte) vs. Worldwide Underground (Taya, PJ Black & Ricky Mandel)

There are 7 Gift of The Gods Medallions to be won. The winners of this match will go to the Gift of The Gods match to take on the other 4 Luchadors who go on to win the remaining Gift of The Gods medallion.... Plenty of early comedy in this trios match. One spot sees The Rabbit Tribe all purposely line themselves up in the corner for Taya to leap into them. Taya and PJ Black do the heavy lifting for WU in the early going. Ricky Mandel doesn't hold up his end of the bargain. The Tribe takes to the air and leaps onto Black and Taya. This leads to Paul London winning the match for his team by hitting a shooting star press on Mandel and securing the 3 count.

The Rabbit Tribe defeats Worldwide Underground to earn a trip to the Gift of The Gods match

Backstage at The Temple, Worldwide Underground's new agent Benji is addressing his clients after their loss. He tells them that if it were up to him, they'd all be fired. He tells Taya, PJ and Ricky that his top client Johnny Mundo doesn't need this kind of stress, so close to his world title defense against Rey Mysterio Jr. Benji says that they are not being fired because Mundo has a heart of gold. Mundo addresses his WU members. He says that Benji is working hard to get him TV, marketing and movie deals. Mundo tells his crew that they need to ensure that he retains his LU championship. Mundo is now off with his agent for a photo op. He asks Benji if there are going to be any sick kids at the photo shoot. Johnny doesn't want to get sick. Benji once again reiterates how Mundo has a heart of gold.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Quarterfinal Match
Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. Jeremiah Crane

Crane is attacked while he is being introduced. Muertes jumps him from behind on top of the Temple stairs. He roughs him up as the show heads to break.....

The show returns with Striker and Vampiro announcing that the Crane-Muertes match has now been made a No DQ match by Dario Cueto. The two men appear to be absent from ringside until Muertes throws Crane through a door leading back to The Temple. Muertes and Crane continue brawling in the crowd. Muertes keeps the upper hand and they battle on top of a perch area above the crowd. Muertes then beats Crane's head off of the bleachers. Crane's is then flung into the guardrail. The beating continues near the ring as Muertes rams Crane into the ringpost repeatedly. Crane tries to battle back and leap off the ring apron, but gets caught in mid-air and power bombed onto the apron. The action finally makes it to the ring. Crane briefly gets some momentum when Mil runs into the ringpost but when Crane attempts a suicide dive, it backfires. The brawling continues on the outside near the wooden chairs. Jeremiah starts delivering multiple strikes on Mil from a seated position. Crane runs his signature lap around the ring but Muertes springs up and spears him. Mil Muertes then flings Crane over the broadcast table. Muertes gets out several steel chairs and throws them inside the ring. The beating continues for Crane as he is nailed repeatedly with a steel chair. He then takes a backbreaker from Muertes onto two steel chairs. Crane surprisingly kicks of Mil's pinfall attempt. Muertes gets frustrated as a result and amps up the violence. A chair is set up in the corner and Crane throws Mil into it on a reverse Irish Whip. Crane then hits Muertes repeatedly in the head with the chair. Jeremiah then drapes one steel chair over Mil's throat and swings another chair into it. Catrina looks on at ringside concerned. Crane gets out a table from under the ring. It backfires when Crane gets to the apron, Muertes spears him off and into the table. Muertes then power bombs him onto the table. Moments later, Muertes goes for another spear in the ring but Crane catches him with a front face choke. Mil powers out of it. Muertes then connects with a spinning chokeslam, it leads to a very close pinfall. Muertes then brings a table and sets it up in the corner. A recovered Crane cannon balls Muertes into the table and gets a near fall. A bloody Crane tries to strike Muertes down but when he takes to the air, it leads to his demise, as Muertes catches him and hits the Flatliner to secure the victory.

Mil Muertes defeats Jeremiah Crane to advance to the final four of The Cueto Cup tournament

After the match, Catrina comes in to give Crane her signature lick of death. Crane comes to and kisses Catrina back. This infuriates Muertes, who kicks Crane in the head and then hits another Flatliner on him.... Mil Muertes will go on to face the winner of the Pentagon Dark-Texano semifinal match.

This week's Modelo Beer ad airs narrated by Melissa Santos featuring Killshot.

The show returns with Dario Cueto in his office. He has a visitor and it's "Agent Winter" from The FBI. Cueto asks if the agent is here to arrest him. He is told no but that Cueto and him share similar interests. Agent Winter says that "The Order" has replaced Councilman Delgado with him. Winter then notifies Cueto that Councilman Delgado was murdered at the hands or iron fist of Cage. Agent Winter says that The Order is not upset with Cage, they understand that someone with this newly found God power goes through an adjustment period. Cueto informs the FBI agent that he never liked Delgado to begin with. Winter replies that his boss has ordered him to keep an eye on Dario. Agent Winter tells Cueto that he loves what he has done with Lucha Underground and admits to being a huge Pentagon Dark fan. Dario responds "Who Isn't"... The tone gets more serious when Agent Winter gives Cueto this quote... "Alas, His flesh will fry like everyone else's when the war comes". As Winter excuses himself to leave, Cueto remarks that he didn't know that the order had someone in the FBI. Agent Winter says that The Order is everywhere and that they will do whatever it takes to make sure that the Gods rule again.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Quarterfinal Match
Pentagon Dark vs. Texano

Texano tries to take the fight to Pentagon at the outset. Pentagon tries to shut him down but Texano stays in control after an over the top rope tope. Pentagon is then sent into the ringside wall. Texano stays in control with a springboard splash. Famous B and Beautiful Brenda make their way to ringside, to continue their recruitment of Texano. The distraction leads to Pentagon retaking control of the match briefly. Texano fights back with a unique knife edged chop/lariat combo in the corner. Texano continues to deliver some heavy strikes to Pentagon. A rope assisted Lung Blower gets Pentagon back into the fight but moments later, Texano grounds Pentagon with a nice looking twisting Indian Deathlock. Pentagon is then tied up in the tree of woe and he eats a hesitation dropkick. A leaping leg lariat by Texano leads to a near fall. Famous B pulls out a horseshoe from Brenda's purse. B then gets Brenda to go distract the referee. When Famous flings the horseshoe into the ring, he misfires and Pentagon gets a hold of it. Texano is struck down with it and then pinned.

Pentagon Dark defeats Texano to advance to The Final Four of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Famous B's plan backfires and costs Texano the match. As per usual, Pentagon Dark sets up in the post match to break his defeated opponent's arm. Famous B tries to make up for his mistake by pleading to Pentagon, to not break Texano's arm. Famous B's rant and plea enables Texano to flee but leads to him getting superkicked by Pentagon. Famous B's arm is then broken by Pentagon Dark. Brenda comes into the ring to check on Famous B afterwards. Pentagon Dark sees her, rushes into the ring and breaks her arm. As Pentagon celebrates his carnage. Matt Striker closes this week's action in The Temple by saying that the winner of The Cueto Cup will be determined in two weeks.

The closing scene of the show has LAPD Captain Vasquez in her office receiving a visitor. Catrina shows up standing behind her. She tells Vasquez that they agreed to stay out of each other's way. Vasquez tells Catrina that she needs her help when the Gods arrive and wants to make a deal. Catrina says that she doesn't fear the Gods. Vasquez mentions the Gauntlet that Cage is wearing, and how it is the gateway to the Gods. Vasquez pulls out her half of the ancient Aztec medallion. She reminds Catrina that she gave her life twice. Catrina pulls out her half of the medallion. She doesn't consider this life and says that she is stuck between two realms like a ghost. Vasquez tells Catrina that there is only one man who can get the gauntlet from Cage, and that Catrina controls him. When Catrina leans over Vasquez's desk to get the other half of the medallion necklace. Vasquez tells her that when she gets the gauntlet, Catrina will get her life back. Catrina tells Vasquez that without her half of the necklace, she will no longer be immortal. Vasquez doesn't care because she doesn't fear death, she only fears the Gods. Catrina turns away and says that the Gods will soon learn to fear death, a thousand of them. Catrina then reveals that Vasquez is her mother and agrees to their deal before dissapearing.


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