– WWE posted the video above of Mae Young Classic Competitiors Jazzy Gabert, Shayna Baszler and Mercedes Martinez discussing their favorite tattoos.

– In the first episode of the new series of podcast The World According To Wrestling, hosted by Dan Higgins, the topic of intergender wrestling is discussed and debated. On the podcast, WWE star Abbey Laith, f.k.a. Kimber Lee, discussed why intergender wrestling doesn’t encourage domestic violence.

“I think people really need to kinda open themselves up to realizing that it’s essentially a live action movie that you’re watching with storylines and characters and plotlines,” Laith said. “And if you open yourself up to looking at it from a different view, then it doesn’t really enforce domestic violence at all depending on how it’s done.”

Other guests on the episode include Andy Kaufman’s best friend and co-writer Bob Zmuda, Klondyke Kate (the first woman to wrestle a man on The World Of Sport), Andy Quildan (founder of Rev Pro), referee Kris Levin and Dave Meltzer. You can check out the full podcast below: