Mae Young Classic Star Talks Her Father Dying From A Drug Overdose Two Months Before Her WWE Tryout

Lacey Evans was interviewed by USA Today's For The Win section to promote the Mae Young Classic. During the interview she discussed her tough upbringing and getting into the business.

Below are a few highlights:

Being selected for the Mae Young Classic tournament:

"It means more than I can even explain. It is the first-ever women's tournament that WWE has had and there were only select spots... There's only 32 worldwide to represent what being a hardworking woman is and to be able to show what we're capable of. I was so blessed and excited."

Her rough upbringing:

"It was a rough life growing up between the addiction and depression and the suicide attempts that came later. My family was dealing with a lot of things. I was stuck in the middle of it. All I knew is what I didn't want to become when I became older. I guess I had good role models in a bad way. That made me work extra hard and keep my mind focused."

Her father dying from a drug overdose before her WWE tryout:

"My father overdosed two months before my WWE tryout... My biggest thing, and he didn't make it. He didn't make it to any graduation I've ever had. Not high school. Not college. Not the Marine Corps. I've done big things and he never made it to one."

Evans also discussed her time with the Marines, getting into the business and much more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: USA Today For The Win


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