Matt Hardy On GFW Star Sitting Out, Jinder Mahal Clarifies Recent Report, Drew McIntyre Doc (Video)

- Above is a documentary following Drew McIntyre's journey just days (and hours) prior to his return to NXT during WrestleMania weekend.

- As noted, undefeated MMA fighter Arjan Singh Bhullar recently stated on Instagram that Jinder Mahal would accompany him to the Octagon for his UFC debut fight at UFC 215 on September 9, 2017, against Luis Henrique. Jinder clarified the post to SportsKeeda, stating that he would only be in attendance and not actually accompany Bhullar to the ring.

"I'm just going to be in attendance," Jinder said. "I will be there in attendance. I will be there cheering him on. So that's my only involvement. You know, (he is a) good friend of mine. Also first Indian UFC fighter, so I'm very happy for that. I wish nothing but success to him. I will be there only cheering him on."

- As noted, Tyrus posted the following videos to social media to announce that he will not be working the GFW tapings in Orlando this week, which begin with Thursday's live Destination X special on POP. Tyrus says most of his time with GFW has been positive the past several weeks have been tough for he and his fans as they have been "Handcuffed and treated like a second-class citizen creatively." Matt Hardy retweeted one of the videos and applauded Tyrus for knowing his worth to the company.


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