Paige & Alberto Del Rio Talk Recent Airport Incident, Paige's Family Abuse Claims, Wrestling Returns

WWE Superstar Paige and Unified Global Force Wrestling (GFW) World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron (a.k.a. Alberto El Patron) recently joined Bully Ray and Dave Lagreca on Busted Open Radio to talk about the recent airport incident that took the media by storm. Below are the highlights:

* Paige started things off by claiming that she and Alberto are able to laugh about the incident now, despite the 'nightmare' the media made it out to be initially. Paige said she and Alberto shouldn't be ashamed of having an argument in public the way normal couples do, and people need to relax. Del Rio said they refuse to be like celebrities, they just want to live their lives normally. He then said that people see this every day, couples argue, and the media just spread a bunch of lies and stories that aren't real. Del Rio said he and Paige have strong personalities but they leave everything to talk, they love each other and are very passionate.

* Del Rio then told Bully Ray that he knows how he and Paige really are because he's their friend. He said that their relationship can go from dropping a ton of F bombs to loving each other again three minutes later. Ray asked about the lies and mistruths that have been reported, to which Paige responded about the rumor that she would be arrested in San Antonio. Del Rio and Paige both agreed that 90 percent of what was said in the media was false. Paige admitted to throwing a drink at Del Rio but said that she knows she shouldn't have. Del Rio said he said something 'not nice' and Paige threw a drink in his face, but that was it. He felt humiliated in the moment because they were surrounded by people and that's why he reacted the way he did. He then said the only difference between he and Paige and other normal couples is that they're in the public eye.

* Paige then offered an apology to the younger fans because she knows they're looked at as role models. She also said that they shouldn't have to apologize at the same time, however, they realize that they are role models to a lot of young kids out there. Bully Ray brought up that Paige's family seems to be concerned about her relationship with Del Rio, to which Paige responded that she loves my family but they tend to react to what the media puts out there a lot. Paige said her family is fine but they're upset because her uncle passed away yesterday. Del Rio then said of course Paige's family is worried because they see what is out in the media and they react to it. Just like the fans, their family doesn't know what's going on until they actually hear from Paige and himself.

* Paige said that she believes it's good to stay away from social media during times like this, except for when she needs to plug something. She then said that if she puts something out there it just makes things a thousand times worse, so she stays quiet. Del Rio doubled down on those comments and mentioned Paige's statement following the airport incident and how much fans and the media twisted it. Ray then said that Del Rio is clear of all charges and asked if he was still suspended from Global Force Wrestling (GFW). Del Rio said that rules need to apply to everyone the same and that he agreed with GFW's decision to suspend him. Whether he is innocent or not he understands that he needed to be suspended, especially due to his experience as Combate Americas, for the company to conduct their own investigation. Del Rio and Paige then confirmed they will be returning to work soon and they'll be letting fans know when soon.

* A possible run-in at SummerSlam was asked about to Paige who said that she's waiting on MRI results but is ready to get back to work. Paige said she is ready to get back to WWE and get in the ring and interact with the fans. She said she is especially excited due to the recent strides the division has made since she left. Ray asked if they were genuinely happy with each other, if they are the ones for one another, and if they see each other lasting. Paige confirmed that she does love Del Rio and expects it to last, and Del Rio responded by saying nobody knows what is going to happen but that's what they want. He said they have been working on their relationship for over a year despite the support or criticism they have faced. Del Rio then talked about how Paige has supported him through everything he has been through lately, and how much he has been there for her. He said that people forget that, but everyone that sees them together says that they're cute and fantastic for one another.

Source: Busted Open Radio