Ric Flair's Manager Says He's "Awake, Communicating, And Progressing"

Earlier this afternoon, Ric Flair's manager, Melinda Morris Zandoni of Legacy Talent and Entertainment, took to both Twitter and Facebook to give an update on Flair's condition. The news was positive as he was said to be "awake, communicating, and progressing" and that he even "cut a promo on a nurse." Here was her comment on Twitter:

As well as on Facebook, which gave a little more detail and thanked the fans for their continued support:

"Out of respect for family privacy there has not been an official Ric Flair update, but that has led to a lot of false information. Don't believe everything you read. Happy to report [Ric Flair] is awake, communicating and progressing...but there have been complications so he needs rest for the first time in 40 years. He did cut a promo on a nurse yesterday so anyone that knows Ric knows that's a very good sign. On behalf of Ric THANK YOU for all the outpouring of prayers and well wishes (although the offers for a kidney seemed a little excessive) :) The man outlived both a plane crash and being struck by lightening...he is a survivor. Beyond grateful for all the love and respect sent Ric's way."

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Flair had an external pacemaker inserted to help his heart. His heart is now beating normally, which Meltzer noted "is a positive." While things are looking better than earlier this week, he's on kidney dialysis and it's still going to be rough for awhile.

Meltzer also confirmed that Flair never had a heart attack. The initial pain Flair was feeling was due to the obstruction in his bowel. Flair went to the hospital on Friday night and he underwent surgery to have the obstruction removed. Flair was in really bad shape on Saturday and Sunday and there was a real fear about what would happen with the surgery on Monday, but Flair pulled through.


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