Ric Flair Reveals He Was Slated To Main Event First WWE SummerSlam In Interview Before Health Scare

Sports Illustrated interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair on August 9th, before his health scare this past weekend. In the interview which was published this week, Flair discussed Charlotte's progress in the business. He also talked about the original plan for WWE SummerSlam '88, which was to have then-WWF Champion Randy Savage defend his title against Flair.

"It's true," Flair said. "I was on my way to work for Vince [McMahon] and wrestle Savage at the Garden. My contract was up and Vince McMahon had been in touch with me. But I decided my best move was to remain in the NWA because I was so attached to my friends in the Four Horsemen. I thanked McMahon for the offer. I just couldn't get myself to leave."

Flair added, "I was too attached to my friends down there and too loyal to the NWA. Ultimately, it worked out, and I ended up working for Vince later. I respected Vince so much for asking me, but at that point, I just could not find a way to leave."

The main event for SummerSlam '88 ended up featuring Savage teaming with the returning Hulk Hogan to face Andre the Giant and Ted Dibiase with heel commentator Jesse "The Body" Ventura as special referee. Hogan pinned Dibiase to win the match for his team after Savage forced a reluctant Ventura's hand to the mat to make the three count.

Flair would end up signing with the WWF in 1991 and remain with the company until 1993. During that time he never wrestled at SummerSlam, although he interfered at SummerSlam '92 in the Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior WWF Championship match. Flair's first SummerSlam with the company would come in 2002, where he defeated Chris Jericho via submission.

You can read the full Q&A with Flair at Sports Illustrated by clicking here.


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