ROH TV Recap: Cody Rhodes And Daniels 2 Out Of 3 Falls World Title Rematch, Jay Lethal Returns

Taped At The Lowell Memorial Auditorium In Lowell, Mass
Airing in Syndication on Sinclair Networks, Charge TV Sunday Nights and The Fite TV App Monday Nights (Check ROH for listings)

(Video Courtesy Of Ring Of Honor Wrestling)

The show opens with one of the best video pieces that Ring Of Honor has ever produced. The 5 minute opening video chronicles the recent history between Christopher Daniels and the current champion Cody Rhodes. Dating back to their two high profile world title pay per view matches and their most recent comments leading into this show's main event. Highlights air from the night Cody dethroned Daniels as champ. As well as their post match comments with Daniels saying that he won't let one loss define his career. Which led to him demanding this two out of 3 falls rematch. The video closes with a lengthy sit down interview with Cody. He goes through his history in wrestling. Pictures are shown of Cody at WrestleMania with his legendary father Dusty and his brother Dustin. Cody compares his journey to a world championship, to that of Christopher Daniels. He mentions coming up short in his quests to become a world champ in the past. Cody talks of the "brass ring" and references his losses in Money In The Bank matches. Cody then goes on to brag about how ROH's last two pay-per-view buyrates have gone up because of him. He cites how Best In The World was up 6 percent from the previous ppv 'War of The Worlds', and how that show with him on top was up 11 percent from the previous pay-per view. Cody ends the sit down interview by stating that ROH is holding ROH back and he's the only man who can take the company to the next level. Cody says that he is insulted that Daniels doesn't think that he can beat him twice in one night. Cody promises to prove Daniels wrong.

(Video courtesy of Ring Of Honor Wrestling)

Ian Riccaboni intros the show by announcing that ROH management is going to air controversial footage of a Daniels promo with Kazarian that took place three weeks earlier. Riccaboni states that ROH management initially banned this footage, but has since decided to air it in it's entirety. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are shown coming to ring together dressed in street clothes. They both cut scathing promos on ROH and it's fan base. Kazarian grabs the mic first while Daniels takes a seat on the top rope. Frankie says that he is upset that the fans booed his partner and best friend at Best In The World, the night he lost the ROH World Championship. Kazarian mentions how the crowd chanted "Daniels Sucks", which prompts the Lowell crowd to repeat the chant. Frankie cites the day after Daniels finally won the Ring of Honor title. He talks about how the same fans who congratulated Daniels, ended up turning on him. Kaz says that the fans of ROH make him sick.

Christopher Daniels takes the mic. He mentions how the fans treated him after he won the world title at All Star Extravaganza. He remembers the "Thank You Daniels" chants. Christopher can't believe how quickly those same fans turned on him at Best In The World. He says that he made Ring Of Honor. Daniels takes issue with fans chanting for Cody during his world title match. Daniels flips off the fans and curses at them. He says that the ROH fans never cheered for Cody when he was "Stardust"..... Daniels then goes on to tell the audience, that he signed a two year deal to stay with ROH, while Cody has refused to sign a deal and make the same commitment he did. Daniels promises to regain his world title by defeating Cody in the two out of three falls rematch. He says that after he wins the world title back, he is going to go up to ROH owner Joe Koff and demand his release from the company. Daniels then proclaims that he will take the ROH title with him and never return to the company ever again. An irate Daniels closes the promo by stating that he will no longer do anything for the fans, that he is looking out for himself from now on.

When the show returns from the break, The Last Real Man Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser are in the ring. Bruiser is holding up Young's Safety First Board. Which Silas has been updating on TV ever since they injured Jay Lethal and put him out of commission. Silas updates the board and the count has now reached 43 days since Lethal has been on ROH television. Young brags about how he and the Bruiser made Lethal plead and beg before injuring him. Silas says that Jay Lethal will never show his face on ROH TV again.

Never lasts about 10 more seconds, as Jay Lethal's music hits. Lethal runs down to the ring and attacks both Young and the Bruiser. Jay lays waste to them with a steel chair. ROH security runs out and Lethal quickly disposes of them, and goes back to wearing out Silas Young with the steel chair. Lethal repeatedly strikes Silas in the ribs with the chair. A second wave of security comes out and they are taken out by Lethal. Jay continues the beatdown as the fans chant "Welcome Back".


Daniels has the ring announcer Bobby Cruise introduce him as the "Greatest World Champion Ever of The World".... Both men play to the crowd early on, in what is a long feeling out process. Daniels gets a "Boo Boo Face" chant from the crowd. A chant that Cody started after Daniels lost the world title. Both Cody and Daniels work the match as heels but the crowd is completely on Cody's side throughout. An evenly contested opening few minutes of the first fall, with each man attempting to one up the other.

Daniels takes control of the match after the first break in action. He targets Cody's shoulder and knee and goes to work on both. Daniels sprinkles in some of his trademark aerial moves like the Arabian moonsault. Christopher spends a lot of his time jaw jacking with the crowd while he has the advantage. It gives Cody time to recover and in one of the highspots of the first fall, he executes a springboard arm drag from the top rope. Cody then executes several of his signature Rhodes Family spots. From Goldust's classic float over slam to Dusty's bionic elbow. Rhodes then applies a figure four leglock but Daniels escapes to the ropes. Cody calls for Kazuchika Okada's rainmaker but he misses with it. Seconds later, A Cody figure four attempt is countered by Daniels and it accidentally knocks down referee Todd Sinclair. With the ref out, Daniels gives Cody a low blow but Rhodes returns one of his own and both men go down to the mat.

Frankie Kazarian makes his way to ringside and gives Daniels a steel chair while the ref is still down. The Villain Marty Scurll arrives on the scene to even the odds. Scurll and Kazarian brawl to the back area. Meanwhile back in the ring, Daniels has the steel chair and sets up to nail Cody with it. Referee Todd Sinclair is back up, he grabs the chair before Daniels can hit Cody. Daniels wrestles the chair away from Sinclair but Cody rolls him up for the 3 count to win the first fall.

Cody pins Christopher Daniels to win the first fall

Daniels still has the steel chair in hand when he is pinned. He gets back up to his feet and strikes Cody from behind with it. Since the action is not during the second fall, Daniels isn't disqualified but because the second fall hasn't started yet. Daniels is unable to capitalize and pin Cody immediately after striking him down. He does however take control of the match going into the break.... Daniels is beating down Cody at ringside when the show returns. The former champ controls the action for the next couple of minutes. Cody starts a rally but it's cut short. Daniels tries desperately to put away Cody but can't. He has his first attempt to hit Angel's Wings blocked. Daniels finally connects with it but Cody kicks out. Daniels gets control again, he goes for the Best Moonsault Ever but misses. Cody quickly capitalizes and hits Cross Rhodes. The champion covers and pins Daniels with the 3 count to surprisingly win two straight falls and the match.

Cody defeats Christopher Daniels 2 Falls to None to retain The Ring Of Honor World Championship

After a highlights package is shown of the conclusion of the world title match. Ian Riccaboni closes the show by plugging next week's main event TV title match between Kushida and Kenny King.

Videos courtesy of Ring of Honor Wrestling


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