Roman Reigns Says He's Not A Babyface

Roman Reigns currently the most polarizing superstar on the WWE roster. For every fan that boos him because of his lack of promo skills, there's a fan that will cheer for him because of his looks. For every fan that criticizes him for thinking that he's a boring wrestler, there's a fan that will cheer when he does a superman punch.

Whether they're cheering or booing, Reigns draws the most fan reactions of any superstar. Reigns told ESPN he believes this makes him the first superstar who doesn't have be a heel or a babyface.

"To me, I'm neither," Reigns said about whether he considers himself a babyface or a heel. "If I'm totally off here, then I'm totally off, but I'm the first of my type. I'm the first true gray area guy ... just being what he was born to be."

Reigns said he tries to stay true to himself as much as possible, so he's not looking to do the typical things heels or babyfaces do.

"I don't go out there and act crazy and flail around and be a heel. I don't come out there smiling and kissing babies, telling each town it's my favorite town at the end of the night," he said. "I keep it real. Sometimes I'm in a good mood. Sometimes I'm in a bad one. I want my character to be as human as possible, but not just a regular human that you see every single day."

Reigns believes this makes him the most versatile wrestler on the roster in that he can have rivalries with anyone and his wrestling style can be whatever he wants it to be.

"It's just one of those things that helps me work with everybody. It's not about, 'Well, we can't tell this story because it's two bad guys going against each other, or it's two good guys.' I can adjust to any way [we want to do it]," he said. "I can wrestle any way I want. Sometimes you fight pissed off. Sometimes you fight smart with technique. It just depends."

Source: ESPN


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