As noted, over the weekend Sexy Star purposefully injured Rosemary’s shoulder at the end of their Reina de Reinas Championship Match (which also included Lady Shani & Ayako Hamada) at AAA’s TripleMania XXV event. Since then, Rosemary has responded to what happened, commenting that Sexy Star tried to say it was a work, which Rosemary wanted to make very clear that it wasn’t. While a number of wrestling stars have reacted to the incident, Sexy Star has already felt the backlash, getting pulled from a WrestleCade Weekend event.

Yesterday, WrestleCade announced that Rosemary will be making an appearance for that same event.

Rosemary also took to Twitter yesterday to provide an update on her injury, saying it’s a strained tricep/bicep with swelling around the area and that time away from the ring should be minimal. She also thanked those who supported her and when wrestlers do make mistakes in the ring, they should own up to them. You can see her full comments below.

It should also be noted a number of media outlets have picked up on the story, including The New York Post and Rolling Stone.