Sexy Star is starting to feel the backlash for reportedly purposely injuring Rosemary’s shoulder at this past Saturday night’s AAA TripleMania XXV event.

Many wrestlers have spoken out over Star’s actions, and now promotions are starting to take action.

WrestleCade announced that they have pulled Sexy Star from their WrestleCade Weekend event in late November. Below is the official statement from WrestleCade:

The WrestleCade Team has read the online reports, watched the video, and saw both deleted & still posted tweets regarding the incident between Sexy Star & Rosemary at this weekends AAA’s TripleMania Event. We now have heard from Rosemary who said it was obvious to her that Sexy Star tried to intentionally injure her after their match ended.

There is no place for this in professional wrestling. Therefore we have made the decision NOT to bring Sexy Star to WrestleCade Weekend. We’re sorry for the fans who were looking forward to meeting her but we encourage you to read the reports and we hope you’ll agree with our decision.

Anyone who ordered meet and greet tickets in advance will be receiving refunds ASAP.

Matty B contributed to this article.