Simon Gotch On If John Cena Is "One Of The Boys", Arn Anderson's Idea For Him, Xavier Woods, More

As previously noted, Simon Grimm, formerly WWE Superstar Simon Gotch, participated in a shoot interview for RF Video. Among other things, Gotch talked about the role three-time WWE Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods played in Gotch landing a job with WWE. Gotch discussed WWE Superstars John Cena and Nikki Bella. Also, Gotch shared his thoughts on how his WWE career could have gone differently if he signed with WWE in 2012.

In Gotch's estimation, Woods was instrumental in 'The Vaudevillain' getting a WWE job by making him look good in a tryout match.

"We get in the ring. We do the whole deal. We're wrestling around. We're doing the schtick. Woods is putting heat on me. He gets me down in a hold and he goes, 'okay, you've taken care of me. You've done real good in here. Hit me as hard as you can on your comeback.' I'm down there. I'm like, 'are you sure?' 'Yeah, hit me as hard as you can.' So I run the comeback. I'm blasting him with everything. Apparently, I found out later they asked him, 'oh, the shots were pretty stiff. How was he?' 'Oh, light as a feather – didn't even touch me.' He actually played a pretty big role in getting me a job."

According to Gotch, Cena is one of the boys and Cena and Nikki are "cool" people. Moreover, also Cena helped 'The Throwback' get a job with WWE.

"Oh yeah, [Cena is one of the boys], absolutely. He was actually part of the reason I got the job as well. He happened to be at the tryout. I guess he popped huge for my promo. He was always very supportive. Him and Nikki are f–king cool."

During the interview, Gotch suggested that things would have been much different for him with WWE if he was signed in 2012 instead of 2013.

"If I was signed in 2012, like Arn Anderson, that day I did the tryout match, had said, 'if it was up to me, you'd be on TV tonight. I don't know, I'd have you be Santino's cousin. I don't know, but I'd put you out there tonight.' I think if they had signed me right then and there, I would've been fine. I think if I had gone to NXT, and I had gone to TV right away, I would've been fine. I think by the time we actually did anything, the lustre of the new toy had worn off so much that I was just another guy in the system."

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Source: RF Video