Yesterday we asked who you thought would win between WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman at SummerSlam. This was actually one of the closer votes we've ever had with Brock Lesnar just getting by with the most votes/up votes. Right on his heels was Joe and then Reigns, with Strowman holding down fourth. This came down to a "head vs. heart" type of thing, where many of you want to see Joe win, but think it's more likely Lesnar will retain and hold the title until WrestleMania.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Jack Bauer 24:
"Reigns is the only believable winner here."

The Greek Guy™:
"Samoa Joe."

AJ Brock:
"In my opinion, the only reason they're doing a Fatal Four-Way is to have Brock drop the belt without actually getting pinned. Then, Heyman will complain that Brock wasn't even the one who took the pin, and he'll get his one-on-one rematch at No Mercy. I think the "threatening to leave" angle was done to swerve the fans -- and from the looks of things it appears that many of you took the bait."

Richard Rood:
"So much to lead us to believe that Brock drops the belt. So he probably won't. I'm going with Brock pinning Joe. I think the safest calls for this match are that Braun won't be involved in the decision either way, and Joe will be the one to get beat."

"The jury is still out, but I've narrowed it down to one of four guys..."