Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Lyne Butterworth for sending in the results below for next week's Impact Wrestling. These are likely just partial results, with more matches for next week's episode being filmed on Friday:

* JB interviewed Taryn Terrell in the ring regarding her interference in the Knockouts title match. Terrell took the mic and cut a promo ripping Gail Kim and said that she's here to help speed up Gail's retirement. Gail charged the ring, but Terrell ran.

* OvE d The Heatseekers in a squash match

* Grado cuts an extremely lengthy farewell America speech in the ring alongside Joseph Park. A cleaned up Laurel Van Ness interrupts and comes to the ring. Laurel claims she's a changed woman because of him and proposes marriage. Grado accepts and the three celebrate in the ring until Kongo Kong interrupts. Mahabali Shera cuts off Kong on the ramp. A new rivalry has now formed.

* GFW CHAMPIONSHIP 20 MAN GAUNTLET: Eli Drake emerges as the new GFW Champion. Interestingly, the crowd cheered for Drake for most of the match. A decent pop for John Hennigan's entry, but the crowd didn't continue the support once he was in the ring. Participants listed in order of appearance were:

1) Eddie Edwards (Who made the final 2)
2) Eli Drake (WINNER)
3) Boykara
4) Kingston
5) Braxton Sutter
6) "Standby Wrestler" Richard Justice
7) EC3
8) Kongo Kong
9) Suicide
10) Mahabali Shera
11) Chris Adonis
12) El Hijo del Fantasma
13) Johnny Impact (Final 3)
14) Garza
15) Fallah Bah
16) KM
17) Ishimori
18) Lashley
19) Moose (Final 4)
20) Low Ki (now sporting a gun holster)