Terry Funk On If He Likes The Current WWE Product, His Health, If He's Interested In A WWE Return

Wrestle: List recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk. Below are a few highlights from the interview:

His health:

"I have had about 15 operations due to the wrestling profession, and I have a problem with an abdominal hernia. If anybody has ever had one knows damn sure what I am talking about.

"Do I feel confident about my health? I don't think that anybody ever should feel confident about their health if they are 72 years old, and getting ready to go in to the ring. If they are then they are probably some kind of an idiot and that is more than likely what I am."

The modern WWE product:

"I'm probably going to surprise you because I like the modern product. Do I wish it wasn't what it is? Absolutely, I wish it were the same as it was but it can't be. The reason why is because wrestling is about what turns the turnstile, its about people paying admission to the shows."

A WWE return:

"I don't have any desire; I am still involved in the business. Actually as I have got control of the profession, I am the one that is controlling my profession. My profession isn't controlling me at this time and that is a very important factor to anybody in any business. This goes to all the individuals out there, be in control of your business don't let your business take control of you."

Source: Wrestle List


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