The Hardys Look Back At Their Early WWE Days, Asuka Talks Video Game Collection, Raven On Drug Abuse

- Above, The Hardy Boys took a look back at an early WWE photo shoot. Matt talked about one thing they wish they could go back and say is to slow down and be smarter, try to take care of your body a little better. He added that the young Hardys wouldn't have listened at the time, because they felt invincible.

- Asuka was interviewed in a Eurogamer article to talk about her love of video games and huge video game collection, which stands at over 5000 titles. Asuka talked about one of her favorite video game characters, Mario:

"Have you experienced love at first sight?" she asks. "A mustached guy with a red hat and overalls running around? When I saw him kicking turtles and mushrooms, that lit fire in the heart of young, pure Asuka. I woke up early (even though waking up early was not my thing) to see that mustached guy."

- On Twitter, Raven talked about how he wished he could take back the last ten years of drug abuse, calling himself a "moron" during those days. Responding to fans, he continued that "Getting high doesn't solve your problems, it only delays them and usually worsens them." Raven initially worked for the WWE in 1993-1994 as Johnny Polo before making a second run from 2000-2003.