Triple H Hits Big Milestone On Social Media, Ultimate Warrior Vs Rick Rude In WCCW (Video), WWE Shop

- WWE uploaded the video above of The Ultimate Warrior facing Rick Rude in World Class Championship Wrestling in 1986. The two future Hall of Famers would feud for the WWE Intercontinental title three years later, and for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 1990.

- Through tonight at 11:59pm PT, has markdowns on select WWE Championship title belts and memorabilia. There is no code necessary, just use this link.

- Triple H reached 6 million followers on Twitter this week, making him the third most followed WWE personality behind Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena. It is also worth noting that Triple H's Twitter account has had the fastest rise to 6 million followers of all WWE talent.

The top 10 most followed WWE personalities as it stands right now are:

1. Dwayne Johnson: 11.7 million Followers
2. John Cena: 9.9 Million Followers
3. Triple H: 6.01 million Followers
4. Randy Orton: 5.5 Million Followers
5. Sheamus: 4.48 Million Followers
6. Stone Cold Steve Austin: 4.1 Million Followers
7. Daniel Bryan: 4.04 Million Followers
8. Shawn Michaels: 3.69 million Followers
9. Chris Jericho: 3.2 million Followers
10. The Miz: 2.6 million Followers

Roman Reigns as of right now is the 15th most followed WWE personality with 2.4 million followers.


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