WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque recently sat down with Josh Barnett of USA Today’s For The Win, and took them behind the scenes of the Mae Young Classic, what it took to make it happen, and the impact it will have on women within the industry. Below are some highlights:

Making the Mae Young Classic a Reality:

“Sometimes people think these tournaments just kinda take place, but it’s an unbelievable amount of work. One, to find the women; two, to find the ones who are good enough; and three, to make them all mean something when they’re all coming from different locations and it’s global. We need to make sure the right styles are there and then in the right matches to piece the whole thing together.”

Selecting the Participants:

“We thought we could probably do this with 16 women who were very elite and upper deck. As we started to dig and watch more footage, there were more women. I realized I can do this with 32 who are really solid and high quality. We picked the 32, and it was hard to make the decision of who should go in and who shouldn’t it.”

If it will lead to an all women’s brand:

“Never say never; you could end up there… We’re experimenting with a lot of different things as far as programming. But the women are a lot different. With the women, you hopefully have opportunities for a lot of these women to beef up the roster on RAW, Smackdown, NXT, and while it’s still a work in progress, we have the intention to be in the United Kingdom as well.

“We want the women to have the same opportunity as the men to be everywhere. You don’t need a separate show, as long as opportunities are everywhere. It makes it feel like less than for them.”

Triple H also discussed the effect the tournament will have on women in the business, constantly tweaking the tournament and more. Check out the full interview at this link.

Source: For The Win