Triple H On Which NXT Star He Asked To Keep When Vince McMahon Brought Up Main Roster Moves

Josh Barnett spoke to Triple H for USA Today's "For The Win" section about NXT Women's Champion Asuka. Below are some highlights:

His response when Vince McMahon brought up main roster moves:

"I would never want to limit someone's growth or their opportunities, but when Vince brought it up to me, I said the one person we can't afford to lose is Asuka. You could take everybody else you want to take and trust me, he did but I needed her as an anchor. If I lose her and everybody else, I'm doomed."

Why Asuka's undefeated streak matters in an entertainment-based business:

"It's the faith to say that you're that person and to say that if you hold that championship that the belief is there in you to lead a division or a company or a group and to be in that position. For somebody like her, here's that faith for that long of a period of time and we're not beating you, we're keeping a championship on you and keeping it fresh. That's a pretty bold statement of how good you are."

Triple H also discussed signing Asuka, her mystery and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: USA Today For The Win


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